More Exits For Asian E-commerce Firms, But Valuations Still Small

There has been a growing rate of exits happening for Asian e-commerce companies, but valuations remain small on average. Most are under the $50 million mark, according to CB Insights’ latest exit

The report, which provides a broad sweep of the past three years of activity in the region, showed that most activity—unsurprisingly—was happening in the large markets of India and China.

But while India had the most exit deals done so far, China completely dominated in terms of investment volume. India had 154 exits since 2010, and China had 83. Russia had 61, Singapore 35 and Japan 11, in the time.

But those 83 exits in China were worth $4.8 billion collectively. India trails at $978 million in second place. Russia had $731 million, followed by Singapore at $328 million and Japan at just $58 million.

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Minz Buii is a digital marketer/market advisor from both startups and corporates in online ecommerce and offline retail chain in Southeast Asia. He's also an avid Asia explorer and love enjoying local foods and learning different cultures in Asia. Currently Minz is based in the melting pot of Bangkok!

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