Tips For Low Budget Marketing Activities For Promoting A PrelaunchStartup

This is a post shared from Nathan Millard, Director at beSUCCESS, the South Korea’s leading media platform on startups, tech & entrepreneurship. It’s really helpful for startups.

Nathan -

I recently offered some marketing tips to a startup wishing to promote their company in the pre-launch phase, and wanted to share these tips with our beSUCCESS readers. Enjoy, and leave comments at the bottom if you want to add, change or delete something.

  1. Get involved with local blogs.
  2. Find power bloggers who work in the space and offer them something (doesn’t need to be money), in exchange for writing about you. Treat them nice and they can work wonders for you.
  3. Get an HD video done from Shakr Media – costs a tiny fraction ($30 – $50) of professional cost and you can do it yourself, easily – it’s designed for people like you.

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