Echelon & Founders Week @Singapore next week: coming soon with many helpful activities for startups

Event: 9-15 June @Singapore

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Business exploration mission to Singapore
9 – 13 June 2014

Founder’s Week is a week-long program for overseas companies to explore business opportunities in Southeast Asia. Our program consists of participating in local events and targeted meetups where companies get to pitch to investors, customers or partners based in Singapore and other parts of Southeast Asia. Please see our itinerary below for details.

Application Process
Ideally, companies should always do some homework in order to maximize their trip. Hence, under our program and services, we work with overseas companies one month in advance to identify the business partners or investors they want to meet and do business with.

We normally start with an initial Skype call to companies to get a better understanding of what they do. Then we will conduct a review of the company’s business before the matching can effectively begin. Once a qualified match is made, they will be invited to our event to meet with the companies. For example, if a travel startup wants to meet with hotels, we will arrange for hotel representatives.
Program Hightlights


Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 11.27.13 PMEchelon Conference 2014, 10-11 June (
Echelon 2014 is one of the region’s largest tech and business event held over two days in Singapore to celebrate Southeast Asia’s emerging technology industry. It features 60 of the region’s most promising startups, renowned global and regional speakers on Internet and Digital businesses. Organized annually since 2010, Echelon has evolved to become the embodiment of Southeast Asia’s emerging technology industry and connects the region’s best entrepreneurs, investors, organizations and technology and business leaders at one phenomenal event with one clear take away, to drive Asia’s tech industry forwards.
Six A Pitch, 12 June
Watch awesome startups from Asia pitch to seasoned early stage investors hungry for the next big idea! Startups have 6 minutes and 6 slides to pitch. A demo can be arranged if requested. Investors will also be on stage to share their investment focus and what they think is the next big thing!
Walkabout Singapore, 13 June (
Walkabout Singapore is a city-wide open house event for technology startups. Check out the spaces, see how the companies work, and meet the people behind the innovative companies of Singapore.The goal is simple: to put Singapore’s vibrant tech scene on the map and to inspire each other and the growing generation of entrepreneurs. Walkabout is open to everyone – you don’t have to be a developer or a designer to enjoy the unique environments behind Singapore’s biggest tech companies.

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