Mobile market trends in Indonesia after BlackBerry announced new CEO

Data is from Google Trends, last 30 days (from Nov 12, 2013)

Keywords: BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, Windows 8 (Bahasa keyword for Windows phone doesnt have enough data), Samsung Galaxy

Mobile phone market in Indonesia - BlackBerry Android Iphone

Mobile brand searches in Indonesia last 30 days

Every brand searches experices an big increase since the news BlackBerry has a new CEO was released. But Android is  the most benefited brand?!

Indonesia mobile market last 90 days

Mobile brand searches in Indonesia last 90 days



mobile market in Indonesia 2013

Mobile market in Indonesia 2013

Android phone already takes over No.1 position from BlackBerry. BlackBerry is going down but the trend is not so strong.
Samsung Galaxy seems to have a good future in Indonesia. From a single brand view, Samsung Galaxy tops the market.


Regional interestes BlackBerry in Indonesia

Regional interestes BlackBerry in Indonesia

Denpasar (Bali)

mobile phone searches in Indonesia

One interesting thing: the second most popular search is “BlackBerry Android”

Any comments from Indonesia professionals?

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