Most viewed Topics of the Year


The year was over. This is simply a review of what people were interested in on EcomEye blog posts so you could see who and what they cared about Southeast Asia eCommerce in the last year.

EcomEye blog was visited by visitors from 67 countries, or 418 cities. And the Top 5 countries are

  1. Thailand
  2. United States
  3. Vietnam
  4. Indonesia
  5. Singapore

A funny fact that the US contributed the largest number of cities with 167 cities far from the second largest city contributor is France with 25 cities.

Most viewed posts

What is the startup scene in Southeast Asian countries? post dwarfed all other posts to become the outstanding topic.

Most shared posts

The reason why Thailand is top the world as the best place for expats in 2013 got social credited with 200 shares, likes and Twitts.

Top interview posts

Readers’ devices

  • Mobile devices (mobile + tablet) is counted with 17.4%
  • Apple dominated the list with Apple iPhone and iPad: 34.3% and 27.5% respectively.
  • The second runner is Samsung with Galaxy Note II and Galaxy S3 & S4, they are followed by Google Nexus.

For a general picture of what have been happening you can also check these following posts

Thanks all for whatever you engaged with my blog: read/liked/shared/commented on this blog.
Best wishes for the New Year 2014!

Minh Bui

If you think the post helpful then SHARE it to your friends & colleagues! Southeast Asia eCommerce Minz Minh Buii is an ecommerce marketer from both startups and corporates in online ecommerce and offline retail chain in Southeast Asia. He's also an avid Asia explorer and love enjoying local foods and learning different cultures in Asia. Currently Minz is based in the melting pot of Bangkok!

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