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Permata Bank adopts voice biometric authentication

Permata Bank has become the first domestic bank in Indonesia to introduce voice biometrics as part of its customer authentication protocol, using technology from customer experience company NICE.

NICE Real-Time Authentication (RTA), together with its process automation solution, will allow the financial institution to conduct secure and seamless voice authentication, improving customer service.

Permata Bank is a veteran NICE customer, already benefiting from its Quality and Workforce Management solutions, as well as real-time back office applications. More recently, the bank sought new ways to improve fraud prevention and increase the efficiency of its contact center, turning to NICE to address these challenges.

NICE’s Real-Time Authentication (RTA) solution creates and utilizes one voice print for each caller to deliver quick and efficient customer service across all voice channels, with no customer effort required.

Authentication takes place within the first few seconds of the call, and customers’ issues are resolved during the natural flow of conversation. This automated, rapid and transparent process will help Permata Bank deliver better service while improving the accuracy of its fraud prevention program.

“Permata Bank’s introduction of voice biometrics in the local banking industry positions us as a leader in financial services innovation throughout Indonesia,” Permata Bank director of consumer banking Bianto Surodjo said.

“This is largely thanks to NICE’s unique Fluent engine capability, which provides omnichannel authentication with a single voiceprint, which is a major advantage over competing solutions in the market.”

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