Asia salary reference for hiring Web Designers and Developers

Here’s a salary reference for recruiting web developers & designers based in key Asia-Pacific countries, benchmarked against the United States.

Southeast Asia eCommerce salary

Last week, the folks over at Hongkiat did a fantastic job rounding up the annual salaries of web designers and developers from over 35 different countries. The data has been derived from PayScale, which organizes submissions by people who work in the field. We have decided to summarise the salaries of developers and designers in seven Asia-Pacific countries (India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and Australia) and benchmark them against the United States. Here are the salaries, from lowest to highest.

Web Developers
Country (Currency) Annual Salary (US$)
India (INR) $4,605.00
Indonesia (IDR) $5,347.00
Malaysia (MYR) $12,490.00
Singapore (SGD) $27,285.00
Hong Kong (HKD) $29,713.00
Japan (JPY) $33,553.00
United States (USD) $50,900.00
Australia (AUD) $52,717.00


Web Designers
Country (Currency) Annual Salary (US$)
India (INR) $3,364.00
Indonesia (IDR) $4,305.00
Malaysia (MYR) $10,910.00
Hong Kong (HKD) $20,098.00
Singapore (SGD) $24,417.00
Japan (JPY) $30,874.00
United States (USD) $41,752.00
Australia (AUD) $52,351.00
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