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5-step to make your eCommerce customers more loyal (in Southeast Asia)!

customer retention loyalty in southeast asia
customer retention loyalty in southeast asia
How to make your customers more loyal!
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What is the simplest loyalty program you’ve ever known? Since I’m based in Bangkok the last few years, I’ve experienced many small shops in Sukhumvit area such as restaurants, foodcourt, massage, coffee using the same mechanism. They simply offers: “Buy 10, Free 1”.

But from hundreds of entrepreneurs I’ve met in Southeast Asia, particularly in Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Singapore, surprisingly most of them don’t have any loyalty programs, even the simplest one like those above small shops have used. The case is the same from bootrapped startups or well-funded startups with millions of dollars.

Last April 23, 2015 I was proud of being a speaker in Retail World Asia in Singapore . My speech was about “5-step to make your eCommerce customers more loyal!” (Or Key to successful eCommerce loyalty programme) in eCommerce area. So I’d like to share my presentation here.

Retail world asia - 5 step to make your ecommerce customers more loyal
5-step to make your eCommerce customers more loyal @ Retail World Asia Singapore

Before of my speech, I talked with Pete Clifford (Vice President Business Improvement, RedMart) to know his view on this topic. To those who don’ t knowwhat RedMart is doing, this is an online grocery startup based out of Singapore. Though RedMart secured more than $40M, it’s not a surprise, they still don’t have a loyalty program. Pete said that there are two groups of customers in Singapore (their first focus market). The first group is local middle class Singaporean, they want to accumulate point to get more discount. The second one is wealthy foreign expats, they are interested in something like Prime package of Amazon, buy one time a year and get some free delivery, privileges. So RedMart don’t have a final decision yet.

The presentation couldn’t be done without the support from my favourite friends and entrepreneurs in Southeast Asia, who participated in my small survey for this topic




zalora vn






  • Martin Toft Sørensen – Co-Founder & Managing Director (Thailand)
  • Yen Vu – Head of Marketing Zalora (Vietnam)
  • Beatrix Immanuel – Marketing Manager (Indonesia)
  • Paul Riampanich – Market Manager of (Thailand)

Thank you, the current reader for reading this post. Wishing you a great day!