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Google, DON’T BE EVIL !!!

google evil

Google, you have repeatedly said in the past that you wouldn’t be evil. It’s your 6th philosophy in your Google ten things: “You can make money without doing evil”. So now what the hell are you doing now, EVIL? You stop showing keyword in referrers (Google Analytics) and perhaps in Webmaster Tools as well. You have gone dark (BusinessInsider)!

  • You said that because of users’ privacy. But I can still access these kinds of data if I pay money for you via SEM. But as an inbound marketer I don’t like SEM. It’s the easiest game a marketer can play, as long as you still have money to pay.
  • You said: “Democracy on the web works”. This is the 4th thing in your philosophy. Yes it worked when you started your business. But now you are just a mediocre monopoly, so you don’t need democracy anymore.

When will you die? I know you aren’t goint to die but this is just a signal that someday another guy will take over your reign, as what you’ve done with Microsoft on the Internet.

Actually I don’t care about you too much even thought I love SEO. Because I know what’re you thinking no matter what algorithms you’ve changed. I don’t have time to following you. Of course eCommerce and startup CEO shouldn’t care about you, too!

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