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Thailand’s eCommerce and the impact from Justin Bieber’s Believe Tour this week


Yesterday, Justin Bieber landed in Thailand ahead of his Believe Tour where he will stay until Saturday. He was greeted by thousands of fans at Don Mueang Airport.

Of course, Thai’s entertainment and music industry will make much money from the Canadian hit maker’s show. But what about ecommerce? Does Justin Bieber care about eCommerce? Surely not. So how can Bieber’s show be related to eCommerce, and how can he make an impact on Thailand’s eCommerce? I will list some points here.

Online Payment


bieber card

Bieber backs credit card for teens is the main gateway to buy a Believe show ticket. With 45k fans from his Thailand Facebook fan page and many fans who are students, tens of thousands tried to book online to get their tickets as soon as possible. Then they had to use credit and debit cards to make payments. The ecstatic fans are all talking to their friends about their online ticket buying stories now.

A new group of online shoppers has formed and grown from these kinds of activities.

Travel eCommerce

Of course, this musical prodigy’s fans are not only Thai. His Asia Facebook fan page has around 3.5 million fans, and many fans have not yet Liked the page. Many will fly to Bangkok to attend Bieber’s concert this Thursday. With the booked tickets from $100-200, they likely want to make sure that they will have an available and convenient hotel room. Booking in advance and making an online deposit is the best way to do that.

Thailand has again promoted the Kingdom as a music center for the region. Millions of fans of other pop stars are nervously waiting their turn to visit Thailand and meet their idols in person.

Bieber’s 56 million Facebook fans, 45 million Twitter followers, and millions of YouTube subscribers have been updated about his tour and activities in Thailand. You might already know that Justin is the most popular YouTube artist of all time.

Thailand’s tourism continues to deepen its pockets to more than one trillion bath ($30B+) each year.

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