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Top 20 ecommerce strategies for retail chains to survive and go big in Asia

This is a post I’m writing from my experience while working with retail chain, offline retailer in Thailand and Vietnam, also from my observation and research while doing ecommerce marketing in Southeast Asia. The retail chain context in Se.Asia is much different from the ones in US or China. But they’re facing a similar blurring future with Barns & Noble, Best Buy, Walmart (US), Suning (China) in the near future if they don’t act and adapt fast enough. Go big or go home, that’s the big question any retail chain and retailer must have in mind in the battle with the ecommerce giant from US and China.

  1. Content strategy –
    • create as much as content for your product inventory, even some products that you’re no longer selling. Booking/Agoda using this all the time for hotels already closed.
  2. Multi-channel/O2O strategy
    • Optimize customer experience at both online and offline channels
  3. Social strategy
    • Air Asia leverages well this channel and have millions of fans
  4. Mobile strategy
    • Shopee has been using mobile first and now this strategy helps it become the dominent player in the region
  5. Mobilizing strategy
    • Organize mobilizing stores in areas far from cities with low logistic supports
  6. Marketplace strategy
    • Help small vendors sell products based on your site traffic. Walmart is growing well with this strategy
  7. Long tail strategy
    • Focus on small need product lines which are not interested in by top players
  8. Partnership strategy
  9. Video strategy
    • create video content for your product
    • sell via live streaming
  10. Airlines strategy
    • offer different rates based on time/season and the supply of product inventory
  11. Multi-level strategy
  12. Personalizing strategy: special price on each customer personal event: birthday, wedding day,
  13. Cross sales strategy
  14. Advertising-platform strategy
  15. Pickup point strategy
  16. O2O strategy
  17. Subscription strategy
  18. Promotional strategy
  19. Influential strategy
  20. Group-buying strategy
  21. Real estate strategy
  22. Airbnb strategy
  23. Starbuck strategy: each store in a resident tower/office tower
  24. Shopify strategy
  25. Apple strategy
  26. Cross border trade strategy
  27. Coffee/fast food chain strategy
  28. Sumo or ecosystem strategy: all in one
  29. Localizing strategy
  30. Suicide or Triangle store strategy
  31. Crowd-funding strategy
  32. Local community shareholder strategy
  33. Social enterprise strategy
  34. Micro-finance strategy
  35. Fintech strategy
  36. IoT strategy
  37. Chatbot strategy
  38. Salesmanless strategy
  39. Greentech strategy
  40. Ecommerce points of sales strategy: rental points for ecommerce startups
  41. Big Data strategy
  42. Marketing Automation strategy
  43. Follower strategy: shopify, salesforce,
  44. Franchising strategy
  45. AI strategy
  46. Investment strategy
  47. Synergy strategy
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Which one is your favorite? Please share your thought in comment section if any strategy is missing here! Southeast Asia eCommerceFor Press Release and guest posts, feel free to reach mb[at]

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