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What can I help!




  • Marketing Consulting (ecommerce growth including content strategy, SEO, community building and improving conversion rate)
  • Head Hunting: managers/developers/marketers (just a small fee $8 for posting to some relevant groups, then almost free till results, finally up to you).
    • We have some relevant groups of expats and English speaking Thais with 7.000+ members in Thailand.
    • A strong network with ecommerce/retail and tech professionals in Vietnam/Indonesia.
  • Market Expansion to Vietnam/Thailand/Indonesia
    • Connect to initial contacts
    • Organize research/discussion group to know about the market
    • Find some of the first team members
    • Promote your site/app in that local market by with marking strategy with CSS formula
      • Content marketing
      • SEO
      • Social media
    • Boost sales by improving leads/conversion rates

FOC – Free of charge for bootstrapping startups! 

And intro to good contacts if your startup is credited with a good traction/profile (just help, no fee)


  • Intro good startups to me, I can interview them here.
  • Share any article on EcomEye you find it helpful to your LinkedIn/Facebook/Twitter…
  • Put a link to on your website, any page
  • Share this page to your friends if they need something I can help

Thank you for your time!



Santi Srivicharnkul Santi Srivicharnkul – CEO – CIT Corp Ltd Thailand

September 9, 2015, Santi worked with Minz but at different companies

Minh Bui has helped me as an adviser for our social media initiatives over the past two years. He has a deep understanding of how to connect, engage and retain customers online. Minh Bui’s intelligence and personality would be a great addition to any team anytime. A great coach, colleague and friend.

Martin Toft Sorensen Martin Toft Sorensen – CEO Thailand at Helpster

November 12, 2015, Martin Toft worked with Minz but at different companies

I’ve known Minh Bui for quite some years. He is very interesting to work with as he always strive to find a unique edge to his content. That has resulted in exciting and engaging articles that generates great exposure.

Hang Do Hang Do – President/COO | Scommerce – Vietnam’s leading logistic & O2O platform

May 1, 2015, Hang worked with Minz in different groups

Minh has been my mentor and friend for the past few years. He’s very generous with his time, network and resources. Not only is he an experienced and savvy digital marketer, but he also has insightful understanding of the local markets (Vietnam and Southeast Asia) that he is always willing to share. He is a true giver and thus makes a great business partner.

Tu Le Tu Le – Senior Account Manager at Google

September 21, 2012, Minz was senior to Tu but didn’t manage directly

Minh is a user – oriented Director of Online Development, that’s why his success is stable.
He has deep knowledge in online marketing, product marketing and big passion in e-commerce. As a director, he knows how to motivate and create an amazing work environment for all of members in team. He is nice person, honest and helpful also.
I strongly recommend him for all types of work related with E-commerce and online marketing. Minh is the one you can trust in business and life.