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How To Increase Sales For Your eCommerce Brand With The Power of TikTok – Plann – Plann

With over 1.5 billion active users (and counting), TikTok has irrevocably altered the cultural zeitgeist. As the fastest-growing social media platform, other social networks are trying to replicate TikTok’s formula for success by prioritizing bite-sized mobile-first video content. But don’t dismiss TikTok as an endless stream of dance challenges, viral songs and shareable memes. In fact, TikTok is a product discovery channel that can influence shopper’s buying behavior at scale. This stat from TikTok HQ says it all: 92% of global users have taken action after watching a TikTok, with 67% saying TikTok inspires them to shop (even when they’re not planning to make… 

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