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Top 25 online shopping eCommerce sites in Indonesia

promotion is a key to attract Indonesian customers

In this post I will cover not only top ecommerce sites in Indonesia but also e-commerce-related websites like classified, online payment within Indonesia Top 300 Alexa. For sure after reading this post you will have an overview picture about Indonesian eCommerce market and what Indonesian customers are searching and buying now.

For an overview Kaskus is the conglomerate’s No.1 local site at Alexa No.7 and top first 6 general sites are all global players:,,,,,

promotion is a key to attract Indonesian customers
promotion is a key to attract Indonesian customers
  1. Alexa 7, C2C

    •  the largest online community started in 2009 by three Indonesian students Andrew Darwis, Ronald Stephanus, and Budi Dharmawan. It even has it’s own payment system KasPay since 2009, together with an online market place. Now Kaskus has 800+M page views per month, 25M unique visitors/month. On average, each visitor spends about ~30 minutes on Kaskus every day. KasKus’s main rival is TokoBagus, re-branded as Kaskus is now mainly owned by GDP Ventures, the VC’s arm of Djarum corp. GDP Ventures is running by Martin Hartono, the son of Indonesian richest billionaire, chairman of Djarum. See KasKus’ story here.
  2. Alexa 15, classified

    • OLX (short for online exchange) operates local online classifieds marketplaces accessible through the internet and through native apps on mobile phones., OLX operates in 80+ local countries including Southeast Asian countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam. is re-branded from Tokobagus, the country largest classified website.
  3. Alexa 23, classified

    • Berniaga is also a classified website which belongs to 701Search, a joint venture betweens Singapore Press Holding (owns The Straits Times Singapore) and Telenor (owns DTAC, the second largest telco in Thailand). It has brothers in Malaysia, Philippines, and Vietnam.
  4. 27, B2C.

    • We all know the ecommerce guy from Germany. Lazada headquatered in Singapore and operates in 5 Southeast Asian countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. Usually Lazada Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia are competing for the top revenue position in SEA group.
  5. 28, C2C.

    1. Tokopedia, the popular C2C marketplace in Indonesia founded in 2009, is valued at more than $20 million even though that the company is not yet profitable, and doesn’t take commissions from merchants. Check more info about Tokopedia here
  6. 36

    1. You might wonder why I’m putting the mobile photo app in to ecommerce-related sites. Coz in Indonesia many online shoppers open their shops in Instagram as product photo albums and their customers can choose products and other via other mobile chat apps.
  7. 43, C2C

    • Bukalapak now facilitates about IDR 500 million ($41,000) worth of transactions every day. Bukalapak now has about 400,000 live item listings from over 80,000 sellers. And the site excels in male-dominated categories like bikes, cameras, musical instruments, and computers. Bikes was the first product category of this market place website. For such an impressive achievement, Bukalapak is just operating with 20 employees. More info about Bukalapak can be found here.
  8. 62, B2C.

    • Bhinneka means “Diversity” in Bahasa Indonesia. This site has been running for over 20
      years with gadgets as its main products. Now Bhinneka has more than 500.000 registered users with a revenue of nearly $60M per year. One interesting point that this B2C company has six brick-n-mortal stores in Jakarta. But 2/3 of its revenue is still from online sales.
  9. 70 , C2C

    • this is a joint venture between Indonesian telco XL Axiata (70M+ subscribers) and SK Planet, owner of one of the largest marketplace in Korea. Elevenia derives from ‘eleven’ and ‘dunia’ (dunia means ‘world’ in Bahasa Indonesia). It follows the same business model as 11street, the largest marketplace in Korea. Elevenia quietly started with more than $18M in its pocket. One of its differentiations from other players is reward point for buyers and sellers. They can use these points as virtual money to buy advertisement or discounted products. Another competitive advantage is a 24/7 call centre.
  10. 90 C2C, online auction

  11. 110, B2C, the most popular online hotel booking site in Asia.
  12. 120 Online – Review, Test, Preview, News, Tips about Smartphone, Gadgets and Digital Lifestyle
  13. 121 B2C, Blibi commits to offer customers a fun and simple buying process. It is selling new gadgets, branded fashion, sports, automotive, electronics with free shipping. Blibli is owned by a subsidiary of Djarum Group, let see Kaskus (No.1) and KlickBCA in online payment paragraph. One of its share holders is BCA, one of the largest banks in Indonesia.
  14. 123, B2C, the fashion shop of Rocket Internet.
  15. 130 the largest low cost airlines company in the islands country. It is covering the largest share of the domestic flight market. With more than 17.000 islands in the country, Lion Air will surely be the next power force of travel industry and also will play an important role in online payment sector. In March 2013 Lion Air and Airbus signed a $24-billion contract – recorded as the most valuable commercial order booked in history – for 234 A320s.
    The second biggest was also made by Lion Air in 2011, in a $22.4-billion order for 230 Boeing jets.
  16. 136 Launched in April 2010, AliExpress is a global retail marketplace targeted at consumers worldwide. The platform enables consumers from around the world to buy directly from wholesalers and manufacturers in China and have access to a wide variety of products at wholesale prices. AliExpress also holds a 8th position in Top 12 ecommerce websites in Thailand
  17. 146 the most well-known low cost airlines company in Asia. Its very strong brand awareness is also from the online branding channel with more than 4M facebook fans. AirAsia even has a single department focusing on optimizing online conversion rate.
  18. 155 founded by three guys coming back home from Microsoft, LinkedIn in Silicon Valley. Now Traveloka got funded from the VC arm of Rocket Internet and growing quickly. Traveloka started with online flight price checking and booking. Now it’s expanding to hotel booking. For more info please check my post about my interview with Ferry Urnady, co-founder/MD Traveloka: Traveloka’s behind the scene pivoting story
  19. 162, B2C group buying site, formerly Disdus, then acquired by Groupon. Now the two co-founders of Disdus already quit and started their new venture BerryBenka (women fashion) and Bilna (baby product). They’ve got good achievements with lots of customers and few million dollars funding.
  20. 163, B2C, a leading online travel and entertainment gateway. Their success began with train tickets then open to concerts, hotel booking and flights. According to the Jakarta Globe, Tiket now facilitates about 3,000 transactions every day with a total daily revenue of IDR 2 billion ($175,000) April 15, 2014. Fore more info, let check: How Tiket Became Indonesia’s Biggest Ticketing Platform In Under 2 Years
  21. 224, B2B, B2B, connecting buyers and suppliers around the world.
  22. 225, B2C, probably the second most popular online hotel booking site in Asia, even though it is the world largest hotel booking site.
  23. 232 the marketplace version of Lazada. It is the the first C2C marketplace to offer cash-on-delivery (COD) and an auction feature in Indonesia.
  24. 236, the national airlines of Indonesia. Last year Garuda wanted to enhance it’s ecommerce system by recruiting Daniel Tumiwa as its VP Digital Business. Daniel is idEA (Indonesian eCommerce Association) Chairman, he was also Country Manager of Multiply, the social network turned into ecommerce marketplace in Indonesia.
  25. 243, C2C, is an eCommerce with its own Fulfillment Center including internal logistic and product delivery system, packed by premium services. With $6M funding, it aims to give the best eCommerce experience & customer satisfaction in Indonesia. Backed by Tiger Global, a New York based venture and private equity fund.

Online payment websites 

mobile payment options in Indonesia
mobile payment options in Indonesia

Together with BCA, Mandiri and BNI are the three biggest banks in Indonesia

  • 13 KlikBCA with the 13rd pos, KlikBCA is clearly the most popular online payment solution in Indonesia.
  • 25
  • 65
  • 71

Some other online payment gateways in Indonesia

  • iPaymu
  • iPay88
  • Veritrans
  • IndoMog
  • Ayopay
  • Coda Payment

For more info about online payment please check The state of online payment in Indonesia or Indonesian online payment by Merah Putih

Other considerable ecommerce-related websites

  • 154 a automotive information and review portal
  • 244 – a real eastate website
  • 245 296 online hotel & travel spots review site. Now already offered booking feature
  • 300 also one of the leading real estate websites
  • one of Indonesia’s largest property portals. More than 250,000 properties listed …