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Mimpi sells the first online mattress in Indonesia and increases effectiveness in Etail

The definition of a tech startup is not limited only to businesses that sell application-based solutions, or those that provide software as a service. It is also possible for a tech startup to build a non-digital product, but with the involvement of a business process that maximises the use of a digital asset. Indonesia has already seen the launch of companies implementing such concept, with the latest being Mimpi.

Mimpi got it right when they said that a mattress is probably the most overseen product in the e-commerce industry. Built by two Belgians Frank De Witte and Sven Vervaert, Mimpi is an e-commerce platform that specialises in selling sleep.

The official launch was yesterday and the presentation can be viewed here:

Disruption through a digital approach and branded by fresh marketing

Mimpi has just been launched jakarta, and it is based in Jakarta. Interestingly, unlike other furniture companies who own their own offline stores, Mimpi sells its products exclusively online. The company chose this method to cut through distribution chains, so that it can connect directly to customers.

Mimpi carefully thought everything from product design to online distribution. Its perfect mattresses are being optimally packaged using vacuum-compressed method, so that it can fit a relatively small box after being folded. This is one of the factors that contributes to effectiveness in distribution process and adds convenience to the buying process of a mattress.

Mimpi provides users with a 100-night trial programme. Mimpi provides the 100-night free trial program for customers to try the mattress at the comfort of their own home. If they are unsatisfied by the product, Mimpi will cover a full refund if the mattress is being returned to the company. It is considered a daring breakthrough compared to trying out mattresses in a store. Returned mattresses apparently are given to charities and non-profits.

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What else can we learn from Mimpi’s Startup?

Mimpi offers an important lesson as their concept is applicable for many more companies. These companies usually already offer unique and original products, with handicrafts being an example. Sometimes what they need is a breakthrough in building their own channel to connect directly to potential customers. We may conclude that there are two things that can be replicated for the sake of business transformation.

First of all, confidence in products should be supported by marketing approach and sufficient distribution. Whenever possible, this should be done independently under various consideration, for example in order to reduce costs. Second, a digital approach provides an integrated process. Not only that it involves site development to display and sell products, it also requires adjustment from the product side. For example, by making distribution process much more easier.

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