Satoshi Studios: First Block-chain Incubator For South East Asia from India

South East Asia has got it’s first Blockchain Incubator and mentored/invested by Bitcoin Pioneers like Roger Ver, Amit Bhardwaj, Michael Terpin to name few.

The Incubator is very aptly named Satoshi Studios and is inviting applications from entrepreneurs working in South East Asia region. The incubator has a 3 month intensive residence program in New Delhi India, where the founders will spend time with the other Blockchain startups and receive 50K USD in funding for 8%-15% equity in the company.

In our conversation with the Incubator’s co-founder, Sahil Baghla, said, that ”we had been receiving a lot of interest from fellow entrepreneurs seeking feedback on their ideas using the Blockchain technology and some of the entrepreneurs we’ve met are building some really interesting applications, and we wanted to work with them and see if we could get an opportunity to know and work with more of these geniuses”.

Speaking further, Sahil said, “We are proud to be backed by people like Roger Ver (who has single handedly funded the seed rounds for the entire first generation of Bitcoin businesses), Amit Bhardwaj (who is leading the march for Bitcoin Adoption in India), Michael Terpin (he co-founded BitAngels, the first angel network for investments in bitcoin/digital currency companies) and more Bitcoin Pioneers .

Speaking about what else, the incubator will the offering to the selected startups, Sahil said “ Startups will get an awesome workspace and living space for 3 months in New Delhi. There will be intensive mentorship sessions by Blockchain veterans (including our backers) which will help startups to reach Product Market Fit quickly”. Southeast Asia eCommerceMinh Buii (Minz) @ EcomEye interviews top founders/investors/experts to share their insights about How to scale up a startup/raise fund/build a team/expand to a new market. Minh also writes his own growth-hacking thought on How a retailer goes ecommerce, execute O2O strategy, boosting traffic to a website/app, improving conversion rate & online revenue from his hands-on skills (strategic positioning, SEO, social media, content marketing) in different startups and corporates,… All about Growth-Hacking eCommerce in Southeast Asia
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