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Regional hiring and overseas jobs seeking in Southeast Asia

Regional/local hiring and overseas jobs seeking are never easy for either executives or talents in Southeast Asia as this region of 600+ million people is scattered into different complicated segments by physical locations, languages/cultures, educational standards, average salaries , and even working visa regulations.


This situation in SEA is very different from those stories in the US or other countries in Asia such as Japan, China and India where candidates are qualified by the same language, educational system and common salary statistics.

A friend of mine,  the Head of  Marketing – Southeast Asia for one of Rocket Internet’s companies in SEA, said “Now it’s a little bit easier for me to recruit talents if I want to open my new startup venture in SEA. I can pick up my staffs or ask for their referrals”. Yes, but not many of us already have the advantage of well-established branches and local connections as he does.

As I’m working across some major countries in  this region and I’m also a Southeast Asian with a close culture mind to other Southeast Asian talents, a couples of my executive friends/partners and talents have been asking me to refer for them. But asking around is not very convenient and it’s not the best way to match them together. That’s the reason why this post was born!

Here’s some ideas of what’s happening at the moment in South-east Asia:


  1. A Customer Service Manager working for a leading Online Travel Agency in Asia is eyeing for a new challenge.
  2. A France-based Marketer is preparing to move back to a country near to her home country Vietnam. She has been working as a Marketing Manager for several  Travel & eCommerce companies in France for 6 years, managing more than 3 million unique visitors per month.
  3. A Vietnamese Senior Software Engineer wants to relocate to another country in Southeast Asia. He is tech lead for a Silicon Valley  big data startup, recently acquired by Facebook.  His programming languages are: Java, C++/C#, Python, Delphi


  1. An Asia OTA (Online Travel Agency) is hunting for a SEA Digital Marketing and Partnership Manager
  2. An online home-made food eCommerce startup based in Malaysia is expanding to Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam and Philippines, this Airbnb for cuisine firm is searching for Thailand Ambassador and Country Manager, and relevant posts in Vietnam as well.
  3. A New York-based Internet Marketing Agency with SEA focus is recruiting for couples of positions (can work from their home country): Project Managers, SEO specialists, Web Designers
  4. A travel search site based in Singapore is looking for Malaysia/Thailand and Vietnam  Market Managers. These positions are about promoting the brand in the local markets.
  5. A global firm’s subsidiary in Vietnam is hunting for a Digital Marketing Manager position
  6. Those with adventurous minds could consider Head of Dept/Country Manager positions in Myanmar, one of the last frontier markets in SEA and Asia. This newly emerging country is seriously lacking in qualified managers.
  7. A SEA online travel startup is welcoming for freelance Web Designer/Marketing Co-ordinators (native speakers) from Thailand/Malay/Indonesia/China/Japan/Korea with passion to work for a startup as a co-owner from the very beginning…

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* Disclaimer: I’ve been voluntarily introducing both sides without any commercial purpose.

* Next week post:  SEO for CEO

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