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Fr Jakarta – Top 20 Southeast Asia eCommerce brands on Facebook

Facebook eCommerce brands in Southeast Asia
Facebook eCommerce brands in Southeast Asia
Facebook eCommerce brands in Southeast Asia

I’m posting this post from Jakarta now. Today is the first day of Startup Asia event.  I will update about the eCommerce trends from this event when im back in Bangkok. Everything went fine but the terrible traffic jam.

One interesting thing that I’ve met Andry, the founder of, the largest price comparison site in Indo. Then he said he already quoted some stuffs from EcomEye for his tomorrow keynote presentation about eCommerce scene in Indo,  when he first saw my name card. Ooopps, how did he know my blog??

The list is extracted from SocialBakers’ Facebook eCommerce brand report

  1.  Batik Indonesia , global rank: 9, total fans: 4993226, Indonesia
  2. , 61, 2042748, Indonesia
  3.  KUTE CLUB, 62 , 2040185, Thailand
  4.  Lazada Philippines, 98 , 1501754, Philippines
  5.  Lazada Indonesia, 135, 1236653, Indonesia
  6.  Panicloset, 137, 1231690, Thailand
  7., 155, 1111298, Philippines
  8.  Lazada Thailand, 159, 1095060, Thailand
  9., 177, 1012732, Malaysia
  10.  MorningKiss, 209, 894094, Thailand
  11.  Chọ , 214, 882512, Vietnam
  12.  EWAY.VN , 215, 880299, Vietnam
  13.  Kalbe Family, 217  , 878513, Indonesia
  14.  Rumah Madani – Busana Muslim,  218, 878171, Indonesia
  15.  Mặc Là Xinh, 230, 837960, Vietnam
  16.  Wego Indonesia, 233, 830622, Indonesia
  17.  LivingSocial TH Ensogo, 240, 800689, Thailand
  18.  FAREEDA..Nyata Jelita, , 770285, Malaysia
  19.  Lazada Malaysia, 264, 732847, Malaysia
  20.  ZALORA Indonesia, 277, 702870, Indonesia

From the list we can realize something:

  • Indonesia is the top contributed country with 7 candidates, Thailand follows with 5 brands, Malaysia and Vietnam are competing with 3 populous online shopping pages. Philippines provides only 2 but both are quite crowded brands in Top 7. Vietnam is a promising country with more FB members in the top list as Facebook in Vietnam has been easier to access since the last twelve months.
  • Rocket Internet continues to dominant the world most powerful social media platform with 5 eCommerce brands, which are distributed equally in all 5 countries in which Rocket Internet SEA has subsidiaries (excluded Singapore with a tiny population).
  • 701Search from Singapore (joint venture with a Norway company) is proving that it is another eCommerce force in Southeast Asia after Rocket Internet with the two classified brands: (2) in Indonesia and (9) in Malaysia

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