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Indonesia baby eCommerce from the eyes of Bilna CEO

How big is Baby eCommerce in Indonesia?
I want another milk
I want another milk. Let’s grab some from Bilna, a leading baby eCommerce startup in Indonesia just got funded last few days. Information about this news was already spreaded on the Internet. You can find them here


And I’m gonna share with you an exclusive interview with Ferry Tenka, Bilna’s co-founder and CEO. It’s about his insights on baby eCommerce in Indonesia.

Why should mothers buy baby product online instead of buying offline in Indonesia?

1. Convenience, especially in big cities like Jakarta, traffic jam is getting worse every day. Bilna is an e-commerce that focuses on delivering the best customer’s experience. We ship most of the orders within one day or less to ensure customers’ satisfaction.

2. Product Selections. Bilna has more than 10,000 SKUs of baby-related products available in the website while most offline baby shops have only 2,000-3,000 SKUs in the stores.


Some of the popular baby products in Indonesia?

How big is Baby eCommerce in Indonesia?
Diapers or Food?
The most popular products would be (in order):
1. Diapers
2. Baby Formula
3. Baby Food
4. Feeding & Nursing, such as baby bottles, nipples, breast pumps, etc
5. Bath & Skin Care Products, such as baby shampoo, baby soap, etc,…


Some of Bilna key cities?

[quote]Currenlty, 60% of the orders still come from the greater Jakarta Area, 25% Within Java Island (such as Bandung, Semarang, and Surabaya), and 15% from outside Java Island (such as Makassar, Medan, etc.)[/quote]

Roles of social and mobile to Bilna biz?

Social media has a lot of impacts in providing an additional service to our customers. Social media such as Facebook and Twitter are currently being used to grow our community and get feedbacks from the users.
Bilna team
Bilna team – Ferry is the fourth person from left

Mobile-commerce is relatively still low, especially transactions coming in from phones (including smart phones and featured phones), however transactions coming in from tablets are showing a significant growth in the past few months.
[/quote]Thanks Ferry and all the best (milk) for your  baby venture!

Ferry was also co-founder of which was sold to Groupon. Back to the end of 2012, I interviewed Jason Lamuda, another co-founder  for a post e-Commerce in Indonesia: is the princess waking up?. And now is another post with the most powerful entrepreneurial pair in the Komodo’s country. Jason is now busy with his BerryBenka, a female fashion startup.

Surely they had lots of transaction statistics while doing the daily deal site. And now they go with baby and fashion eCommerce, the two hottest online shopping niches in Southeast Asia. In Vietnam, these segments are also the hottest ones.