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Southeast Asia’s governments are giving their best to fuel up significant increase in consumer’s use of digital channel and internet. Since  those are the new era of digitalization many businesses and consumers are quickly adopting this behaviour. Compared to other Southeast Asia’s region, Singapore is one step ahead of the rest when it comes to adoption and connectivity. They are even one step closer of becoming the cashless society.

It is impossible to ignore Southeast Asian consumers when they are known as a powerful income generator for most business out there. They have captured outside region’s attention to enter their market due to their increasing population and smartphone penetrations.

However, it is not that easy to tackle the evolving Southeast Asia’s consumers.You have to keep your pace with their trends and demands to successfully tackle their hearts.

Learn about their preference and expectation

First thing, in order to penetrate Southeast Asia’s market you have to explore deeply to meet the expectation of your target market. From what products they want to how they prefer to pay, all of these must be learned properly so you won’t fail miserably.

It’s better to ask the opinions from their local expert retailers. Since customer’s demands and needs are evolving along with the technology revolutions you can’t just enter the market easily or hence you will face a major failure!

Find the right partner

It’s difficult to stand on your own feet especially when you want to grow you business outside your region. Build a partnership with an established company from that region.

You have to be careful with the choice of your partner, know their backgrounds and see whom they work with. Try to compare with different choices to make sure you can pick up the best one.

Provide multiple language

It’s the best if you can provide a multiple language on your site so your customers can easily comprehend the content of your site. Customers come from different countries, some of them might not really understand English.

To have multiple language option is definitely a killer feature for your site! Well, you have to be prepared for the most diverse consumer markets in history.

Use Social Media or Applications

Southeast Asia’s consumers are pretty technologically savvy, so they are expecting sellers to deliver seamless design in the online store. They want a hassle free manner, and everything can be completed at the tip of their finger.

They often use social media such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram. Perhaps, if you use that platform for them to shop or view your products, you will absolutely reach to them without taking a lot of time. Based on the report made by Priceza, it shows Thailand and Indonesia to be the leading countries when it comes to e-commerce growth.

Indeed, social commerce is influential. More than half percentage of digital consumers use social media to connect with sellers.