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Live update fr Echelon D2: Fundraising Principles, Terms And Strategies

Trainer: Adrian Vanzyl, Ardent Capital
Audio file: .AIF
Learn key investment terms and points to look out for when planning your fundraising round. Understand how to look at term sheets to find the right investment for your startup. Learn the latest investment trends and find out who are the active investors in the region and what they are looking for.

Founders shares

  1. Preferred stocks
  2. Stocks options
  3. Convertible notes
  4. Convertible debt
  5. Convertible equity
  6. Selling founders shares
  7. The different stages of equity financing
  8. Shareholders agreements
  9. Board composition/Appointment 1:12
  10. Veto right 1:16
  11. Right of First refusal: 1:22
  12. pre – emtive rights 1:26
  13. Drag along/tag along 1:28
  14. Liquidation Preference 1:30
  15. Exit Scenario low and hight 1:34
  16. Nrf funding in Singapore 1:40
  17. Startup finding landscape 1:54

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