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7 Thailand most popular food delivery apps

7 Thailand most popular food delivery apps

Thailand is a country of food lovers, you can see restaurants and food courts, food booths everywhere in any city or rural provinces. Thai foods also held some high positions in the world culinary top list such as:

  • Tom Yum Kung (Hot and Sour Soup with Shrimp) : ต้มยำกุ้ง
  • Pad Thai (Thai-Style Stir-Fried Noodles) : ผัดไทย
  • Som Tam (Thai Green Papaya Salad) : ส้มตำ
  • Khao Pad (Thai-Style Fried Rice) : ข้าวผัด
  • Khao-soy (Northern Thai Curry Noodles) : ข้าวซอย

Let’s explore some Thailand most popular food delivery apps to know more about Thai food culture via modern tools.

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  1. Robinhood

    • Rating 3.2 (Based on 4,820 votes) Robinhood Mobile App Ranking
    • Family Meal, Party Meal, Reunion Meal birthday party Meal for important guests, meal for monks, meal for monks no matter what meal It fills in a good moment. From famous restaurants, favorite restaurants, rare shops, small shops, big shops all over Bangkok.
    • Robin Hood app from Purple Ventures, a subsidiary of Siam Commercial Bank.
  2. FoodPanda foodpanda - Food Delivery Mobile App Ranking

    • Rating 3 (Based on 2,201,456 votes)
    • Order food or groceries online near you in Bangkok with foodpanda ✓ Large … pad Thai and Thailand’s national dish Tom Yam Kung are not to be missed.
    • Foodpanda Thailand reportedly loses over 2 million users after social media debacle. Due to Nikkei Asia, Asian food delivery giant Foodpanda has become the target of a boycott by pro-democracy protesters in Thailand after after the company said it would fire a rider who participated in the country’s pro-democracy movement
  3. KFC Thailand

    • Rating 4.5 (Based on 8,357 votes)

      KFC Thailand - Food Ordering Mobile App Ranking

      Craving for Fried Chicken? We will never leave you hungry. The most favorite fried chicken in town is ready to delivery fresh and hot to your door, with KFC Delivery service. Or if you want to quickly grab and go, we offer new service “Self Pick-up” too. We will never leave you hungry!
  4. GrabMerchants

    • Rating 4.1 (Based on 71,045 votes)
  5. Happy Fresh

    • Rating 4.3 (Based on 19,514 votes) HappyFresh - Grocery Delivery Mobile App Ranking
    • Are you a working mum with a busy lifestyle? Clueless at picking groceries from the supermarket? Looking for deals on fresh groceries, food & healthy items delivered to your home?
  6. The Pizza Company 1112

    • Rating 4.8 (Based on 441 votes) The Pizza Company 1112. Mobile App Ranking
    • This is one of the companies owned by the American turned Thai billionaire Bill Henecke. He also has many other famous franchise brands in the food & beverage industry. Read another article EcomEy interview one of his hotel manager: Anantara Bangkok Riverside
  7. FreshKet

    • The user-friendly way to order restaurant food supplies. Freshket is the only marketplace that sells restaurant food supplies online.
  8. Wongnai Wongnai Mobile App Ranking

    • Rating 4.7 (Based on 131,908 votes)
      Wongnai ( will help you to discover great restaurants, spas, beauty services, cooking recipes, hotels, and tourist attractions, which cover over 250,000 locations from all over Thailand
    • Before expanding to food delivery, Wongnai is the most popular food review site and app. Read EcomEye’s interview with Wongnai CEO: Thailand is the biggest market in Southeast Asia in terms of food and beauty


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