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Top 20 Thailand shopping apps 2024

Top shopping apps Thailand - Wongnai

Thailand shopping apps 2024

(Iphone & Android)

Thailand is a heaven of shopping with dozens of large shopping malls or thousands of small shops in Bangkok, Chiangmai, Phuket or Pattaya. Thailand products are well-known with a fair share of quality and cheap prices, especially for millions of foreigners living in Thailand and online shoppers abroad.Let’s check out some of the top shopping Iphone and Android apps in Thailand

  1. Shopee TH – No.1 Thailand shopping apps: ช้อปออนไลน์สุดคุ้ม

    • A popular online buying and selling platform in Thailand and Southeast Asian region, including Taiwan.
    • Shopee TH offers a variety of products, easy-to-use interface, and high security with standard payment and logistics systems. Guaranteed convenient and secure shopping with daily discounts and free shipping vouchers for almost every purchase. Shop with confidence at Shopee.
  2. Lazada – No.2 Thailand shopping apps

    • An arch rival with Shopee, Lazada is also a top online shopping marketplace in Thailand and Southeast Asia with the backup from the mother Alibaba group in China.
  3. Shein – Thailand fashion shopping app

    • Now it seems most people on our Earth know about Shein, except single men and boys 😉
    • Shein provides tons of cheap and nice fashion & clothing products from China. While providing a worth for money value for customers, Shein is also facing some lawsuits from other fashion companies such as Uniqlo from Japan for stealing it’s popular product’s design “banana shaped bag”
  4. Tiktok Shop – Top Thailand shopping apps

    • Together with the hit of Tiktok app, Tiktok Thailand also provides a ecommerce version of the short-video app and quickly gain attention of young online shoppers in Thailand and Southeast Asia.
  5. Wongnai food & beauty – No.5 Thailand shopping apps

    • Started as a food review website, Wongnai – or insider in Thai, has attracted to millions of food lovers.
    • After the achievement with food reviews, Wongnai has expanded to beauty reviews, food delivery services and have a joint-force with Line Thailand
  6. Line Thailand Shopping app

    • With the advantage as Thailand most popular chat app, Line Thailand entered the ecommerce space with the Line Shop app
  7. Lotus’s fresh food & grocery shopping app (Tesco’s Lotus)

    • A supermarket goes online, Lotus app comes with a long list of fresh food and grocery products.
    • According to Nikkei Asia, Thai conglomerate Charoen Pokphand Group (CP Group) announced on Tuesday (16 February) that it is changing the name of its Tesco stores in Thailand and Malaysia to Lotus’s. This is the same company that owns 7-Eleven and Makro stores throughout Thailand
    • Lotus Smart App – including all Lotus Smart all in one app. Details: New! Introducing Lotus, shop online – pick up Lotus near your home. Comes for you to shop all in one app – easy and convenient shopping. Via your mobile phone – with express delivery service and a choice of pick-up time as you wish – every shopping receives points
  8. Makro Pro shopping app

    • Their intro: Makro PRO makes shopping smarter and easy! With Makro PRO, you can say goodbye to the inconvenience of driving to the store and welcome a more comfortable shopping experience. Our cutting-edge app and online platform allow you to order all your necessary supplies from the convenience of your home or workplace, saving you both time and money at your fingertips!
    • Makro Pro is the mobile shopping version of the retail chain Makro, also belongs to CP Group, the owner of Lotus, 7-Eleven Thailand. So don’t be surprised when you surely find yourself shopping at at least one store of CP Group every day or week.
  9. Cleartoo Thailand fashion shopping app

    • Cleartoo turns clothes in your closet into money! Super fun community market! For buying and reselling fashion products, the first in Thailand We connect you with people across the country to buy and sell products straight from your closet to your closet with just a click. Allowing you to enjoy a variety of styles at great prices.
    • Our goal is to change the way people shop for fashion by offering options that are eco-friendly and for your wallet! organize closet And make more space in your closet by selling your unworn clothes. Give life to your clothes Let the clothes you once loved fall in love again. Make money from things you already own. Recirculate clothing for the most cost-effective use for people across the country
  10. Big C Plus

    • One of the largest Thailand super shopping mall, Big C offers the mobile app.
    • Their intro: The new Big C PLUS offers a seamless shopping experience from online to offline where all your purchases are of the most value for money through various features.
  11. Shopback – cash back reward Thailand shopping app

    • Shop – Earn = Pay. Shopback’ve got you the best electronics deals at Lazada, Shopee, Rakuten, Apple, Gearbest, Microsoft and lots more for the mobile phones, tablets, laptops, cameras and gadgets.
    • Their intro: Shop smarter with ShopBack. Discover the best prices and offers, pay easily and get rewards for your shopping. Start your online shopping with ShopBack to find the best store for what you need, and earn up to 30% real Cashback in over 2,000 stores.
  12. Uniqlo Thailand fashion shopping app

    • Together with the love of the Japan fashion company, Thai people also helps boost the popularity of Uniqlo Thailand shopping app to the top 10 on Apple Appstore.
  13. Nike Thailand shopping app

    • A sport loving country with many sports such as running, badminton, football… So not surprised while Nike Thailand app is also in the top app list in the elephant country.
  14.  Sasom shopping app

    • SASOM is an online platform and e-marketplace specialized in the Buying-Selling of fashion items such as sneakers, clothes, collectibles, and luxury items. ‘Chic just in a Click’ — Shopping with SASOM becomes more amusing with special promos and discount codes, there are 30,000+ fashion items awaiting you for shopping. Whatever the fashion trends are, we’ll be known as a top street fashion online platform chosen by fashionistas, sneakerheads, and collectors.
  15. Watsons Thailand beauty shopping app

    • The beauty and healthcare retail chains Watsons gains lots of it’s female fans for both offline stores and online shopping app.
  16. HomePro Thailand shopping app

    • HomePro is a home and interior design product shopping mall chain from Central group, the largest retail group in Thailand.
  17. SiamPhone shopping app

    • As a popular online phone reviews and shopping site, SiamPhone gets it top spot on the Appstore as well.
  18. PowerBuy Thailand eletronics shopping app

    • The electronics retail chain from Central Group surely provides it’s mobile version to make it’s consumers’ shopping journey more convenient.
  19. Central Retail Shopping app

    • Central Group with dozens of large and well known shopping malls in Bangkok, Chiangmai, Phuket, Pattaya… one of it’s most iconic malls is Central World in Bangkok.
  20. Talad Thai Online – Shopping app

    • Talad means market in Thai.
    • Their intro: Fresh More Get More at Talaadthai Online — Shop your supply, Enjoy Fresh Products, curated by professional delivered to your door. Talaadthai Online offers you the best online fresh market platform, with products packed directly from Talaadthai, the largest agricultural market in Southeast Asia.