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Top 8 Japan ecommerce sites

Top 8 Japan online shopping sites/apps

Why 8 Japan online shopping websites? Because 8 is considered a lucky number in Japan. Eight gives an idea of growing prosperous. The letter (八 hachi) broadens gradually. Surprisingly, traffics to the top Japan ecommerce sites are really high if compared to their counterparts in populous countries such as Indonesia and India. Probably every Japanese visited these online shopping sites at least few times a month.

According to Euromonitor, these are several key impacts of COVID-19 to Japan ecommerce market

Food and drink e-commerce sales soar thanks to home seclusion

As the near universal ownership of digital devices and the roll-out of 5G embed the internet ever more deeply into consumers’ everyday lives, and confidence in card payments increases, consumers are becoming increasingly familiar with e-commerce in Japan. As such, e-commerce was already seeing healthy growth even prior to the outbreak of COVID-19.

Older consumers shift to e-commerce due to threat of COVID-19

Younger generations in Japan were already generally familiar with shopping online for a wide range of products and services, but with the outbreak of COVID-19 the demographic base has notably expanded. For many in the older generations in Japan there is less trust in shopping online, while many still enjoy the social aspect of shopping and the opportunity to engage with other people.

  1. – 636.96 Millions monthly visits

    • 公式サイト Official site. Book, daily necessities, fashion, food, baby products, car products and other 100 million kinds of products at Amazon at any time. Free shipping (except for some)
  2. – 562M

    • Rakuten Ichiba is a comprehensive shopping mall where you can enjoy online shopping. Earn more and more Rakuten points! You can use it! Great coupons every day. Delivered the next day with easy use tomorrow. A full lineup of food, home appliances, fashion, baby products, and cosmetics.
  3. – 114.65M

    • Kakaku.comFor shopping that makes you think “I’m glad I bought it!”, Go to! A shopping support site where you can compare and examine all kinds of products and services, from personal computers and home appliances to fashion and food, from the perspective of selling prices, word-of-mouth information, rankings, etc.
  4. Yahoo Japan! Shopping – 108.15M

    • yahoo! Shopping is an online shopping mall full of a wide range of products and the latest bargain online shopping information. You can also use your paypay balance to save even more!
  5. – 114.63M

    • mercari is your marketplace. it’s the perfect place to declutter and discover items that are uniquely you. say ‘goodbye’ to your old go-tos and ‘hello’ to one-of-a-kind treasures.
  6. Dpoint  – 35.99M – Shopping point app of DoCoMo

  7. – 35.46M

    • マーケット A large collection of popular items! An abundant lineup of over 20 million items ♪ Many free shipping items and sale items are also posted! Shopping using points and coupons is also ok! You will surely find what you want ♪
  8. – 31.47M

    • ec Navi is Japan’s largest point site. You can get points that can be exchanged for cash, electronic money, gift certificates, etc. through online shopping, questionnaires, free membership registration, mini games, etc. Ideal for side businesses and income. Get points every day and easily earn pocket money!
  9. – 26.09M

    • At, you’ll find the tools, parts, consumables, and stationery you need in the manufacturing, engineering, and automotive maintenance sites. [Same-day shipping of 610,000 items] [Free shipping for 3,500 yen (excluding tax) or more]
  10. – 10.49M

    • Point Town is one of the largest pocket money earning sites in the industry. Earn points for online shopping, games you can play every day, questionnaires, and more. The accumulated points can be exchanged for cash, electronic money, gift certificates, etc.

Top 8 Japan ecommerce sites in 2017




  4. Yahoo Japan! Shopping



    • Food & Drink
  7. dポイントクラブ  – Shopping app of DoCoMo

  8. フリマアプリ「メルカリ」オークションよりかんたん shopping app of Mercari Inc, a fashion site, rising it's traffic to the site, a fashion site, rising it’s traffic to the site

Other top ecommerce sites

  • Tmall
  • Taobao

So many Chinese sites are increasing their popularity in Japan. Why?

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