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Top 10 ecommerce sites in Philippines

Top 10 online shopping sites/apps Philippines

Kamusta! The Philippines population is now already surpassed 100 million people. This time we look at the Philippines ecommerce market to see what are the popular ecommerce sites & startups to get to know the shopping taste of Philippines people in a fast growing online retail world. We can also take a glance at their mobile app rating to see their mobile commerce growth.

According to, COVID-19 has increased demand for eCommerce in the Philippines. While the younger population was already open to online shopping, the need for social distancing has pushed the cash centric and face to face shopping culture towards a more digital one, and this is expected to continue. What is lacking is proper digital and logistics infrastructure to truly enable a digital economy. There needs to be higher bandwidth capacity to service the retail market.

Current Market Trends

Filipinos are prolific users of social media. Estimates this year show that there are 76 million active social media users from the Philippines. Of this number, 75 million are on Facebook; 12 million on Twitter, and 4 million are LinkedIn users. There is good reason to be optimistic about eCommerce growth in the Philippines.









  9. BeautyMNL

  10. DataBlitz

Top 10 online shopping sites/apps Philippines 2017

10. – 1.70M visits

  • Avg. Visit Duration 00:04:19
  • Pages per Visit 2.61
  • Carmudi Android app has a rating: 4.3 from ‎38,831 votes.
  • The car marketplace of Rocket Internet, is also a sister site with

9. – 6.43M visits

  • Avg. Visit Duration 00:03:10
  • Pages per Visit 3.89
  • TripAdvisor seems to have the best position in the Philippines than in other countries in Southeast Asia, due to the English fluency of the second largest population country in the region.


5. – 6.76M visits
  • Avg. Visit Duration 00:10:48
  • Pages per Visit 10.88
  • Shopee Android App has a Rating: 4.3 from ‎34,946 votes
  • The regional ecommerce startup Shopee seems to be on the best time to challenge the leading spot of Lazada in Southeast Asia.

4. – 8.09M visitsPricePrice Philipinnes

It’s the global version of Kakaku, the leading price comparison site from Japan.

It’s global site has total 26.19M with traffic from PH counted for 30.9%. The below meatrics also from the global site
  • Avg. Visit Duration 00:03:27
  • Pages per Visit 3.85

3. – 8.32M visitsCebu Pacific Air

  • Avg. Visit Duration 00:08:28
  • Pages per Visit 6.46
  • Android App Rating: 3.8 from ‎6,152 votes
  • It’s the first time I see an airlines site in the top 5 ecommerce sites in any country in Southeast Asia. The low cost airline from Cebu has some really attractive programs to recruit customers traveling in the region, not just Philippinos and Phillipinas

2. – 18.63M visitsolx sulit

  • Avg. Visit Duration 00:07:52
  • Pages per Visit 8.10
  • Android App Rating: 4.3 from ‎57,337 votes
  • The classified website is also keeping with a top position in Thailand and Indonesia markets.

1. – 70.98M

  • Avg. Visit Duration 00:05:45
  • Pages per Visit 5.38
  • Lazada Philippines Android App has a rating: 4.2 from ‎1,205,420 votes

Other popular eCommerce sites Philippines 2017


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