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5 best Taiwan online fashion sites 2023

taiwan online fashion sites

Top 5  online fashion sites in Taiwan

Taiwanese are mostly influenced by the lastest fashion trends from South Korea and also from the western trends. Let’s look at the top fashion sites they visits frequently.

  1. Marie Claire  –  5.89 Million monthly visits

    5 best Taiwan online fashion sites

    Top taiwan fashion sites


    • The content covers fashion, make-up and beauty, life entertainment, celebrities, humanities and arts, constellation divination, and love between the sexes, etc. It provides first-hand information on how women develop their own style through audio-visual and community management methods.
  2. –  7.9M from Taiwan

    • watch runway shows from the hottest fashion designers, scope the best-dressed celebrities on the red carpet street style, discover the latest and greatest beauty products to maintain a healthy glow, and get a sneak peek at our celebrity cover shoots.
  3. Pinkoi –  3.44M

    • Pinkoi is a fashion marketplace gathered local fashion designers
    • Selling design products, digital creations, and experience activities, insisting on using good taste and customized unique designs, realizing everyone’s imagination of life interpretation, and making each gift-giving moment more unique.
  4.  –  3.1M

    • It is your most trusted partner. Seeing all the appearances of urban women, being mature, confident, pursuing dreams, and believing that women have rich inner self-cultivation and brave self-confidence brilliance, understand your taste and style, and don’t need to draw the eyes of others. Bella encourages you to be yourself, with the truest belief that you are the answer to beautiful things.
  5. fashion.ettoday  –  2.7M

    • The most popular and trend-setting news will be presented for you on the ettoday fashion channel; fashion focus, international boutique, light. Trending, beautiful makeup and tight skin, always shining, as well as the most in-depth topics and videos! Gently sliding your fingertips, you can have the most dazzling new, heart, and star fashion touch in the world.
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