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Unlocking Success: Tips for Entrepreneurs in Peak Seasons –

Home/News/Unlocking Success: Tips for Entrepreneurs in Peak Seasons [Video] Diversity and InclusionPublished 12-18-23Submitted by GoDaddyWatch the video here! Transcription provided below. Natalie (Host): Hey entrepreneurs, my name is Natalie Engler and I’m a communications manager with GoDaddy. On our mission to help entrepreneurs around the world thrive, GoDaddy is pleased to share from the experts how you can prepare your business for busier times of the year like the holiday season. Let’s start by reviewing the data:According to GoDaddy’s Venture Forward research initiative, 38% of microbusiness owners surveyed say their long-term business aspiration is to “be a solopreneur and remain small.”And, 30% want to be a small business with “some employees and/or a physical location…”Natalie: Wow, that’s nearly 70% of respondents stating they want to remain small in their operations. Let’s chat through this further with GoDaddy’s chief marketing officer, and corporate sustainability and ESG manager.Fara (Guest): I’m Fara Howard and I’m the chief marketing officer at GoDaddy.Ebony (Guest): I’m Ebony Janelle, and I’m a manager in corporate sustainability and ESG, primarily working with Empower by GoDaddy, our inclusive entrepreneurship program.Ebony: Some of the top challenges that small business owners are facing that they’re telling us are access to funding, establishing an… 

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