Hello !  สวัสดี krub – こんにちは – Chào bạn –  Selamat pagi – Apa khabar – 您好 – 안녕하세요 !!


minh color

Minh Bui has worked at several marketing executive roles in eCommerce/Travel fields.  He also helps on business development and market expansion for startups & corporates focusing on local or regional markets in Southeast Asia.

He is also a Southeast Asia eCommerce guest columnist for some Asia tech/travel news portals. His articles are featured in several Asia tech/travel portals and on some SEA countries’ local tech sites in Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam. Minh spoke at some Asian Tech/eCommerce conferences: eTail Asia, Retail World Asia, Founders Week Asia as well…

You can reach Minh at mb [at] ecomeye.com or Twitter/Facebook

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