Top 10 online shopping ecommerce websites/apps in Taiwan


Taiwan online ecommerce shopping via smartphone

Taiwan online ecommerce shopping via smartphone

The e-commerce market in Taiwan has grown at a rapid pace over the past few years, with a market size of US$37.6 billion in 2016, and a 5-year average growth rate of 10-20%.  It is predicted that Taiwan’s online retail platforms will eventually overtake sales in physical retail stores, accounting for more than half of the multi-billion dollar retail sector.”

    1. Taiwan NO.1 largest auction site with more than 110 million pieces of goods. Also the world’s fourth largest auction platform, more than 1 billion page views per month.
  2. – the leading ecommerce shopping site
  3. Yahoo! Taiwan Shopping – similar to Japan, Taiwan is a place Yahoo’s still very active
    • Part of Sea (Garena), the game and ecommerce unicorn from Singapore
  5. Listed as one of Taiwan’s 100 Largest Companies for the fifth year. Exceeded five million customers (cumulative
    1. home shopping TV channel started in 2004 – A product of a joint venture between Fubon Taiwan, South Korea Lotte . Momo sells everything from beauty , food care, fine shoes, home life, leisure sports… Its parent company Fubon Techonlogy Group, has assets and companies in banking, finance, insurance, real estate, and telecommunications. It also owns Taiwan Mobile, the island’s biggest carrier. 
  9. PayEasy
  10. UDN Shopping Shopping Section of one of the three biggest newspaper in Taiwan, together with the Liberty Times and the Apple Daily.
Taiwan FMCG - fast moving consumer good ecommerce

Taiwan FMCG – fast moving consumer good ecommerce



Founded in 1996, PChome Online has been operating more than twenty years in business, PChome Online Inc. is now the leading e-commerce service group that covers almost every important aspect of the industry. They have three top players in the field: PCHome, Ruten Auction and PCHomeStore. PCHome is already expanded to Thailand. Southeast Asia eCommerceEcomEye - the most viral eCommerce blog in Southeast Asia! EcomEye interviews top founders/investors/experts to get their insightful thought about how to scale up a startup, raise fund, build a team, grow-hack a website/app, boost online revenue, etc… All about growth-hack eCommerce & Online Travel in Southeast Asia