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Top 13 China AI startups 2024

Besides the AI giants such as ByteDance (Tiktok) or Baidu, China also has many AI startups not many people know of. China was home to a thriving AI startup ecosystem with numerous innovative companies making significant strides in various AI-related fields. Keep in mind that the landscape may have changed since then, so I recommend checking the latest news and reports for the most up-to-date information. Here are some top China AI startups that were gaining attention at that time:

  1. DJI Innovations

    • While primarily known for their consumer drones, DJI has been actively investing in AI and computer vision technologies to enhance drone capabilities. They are a global leader in the drone industry.
  2. SenseTime

    • SenseTime is one of the most well-known AI startups in China and specializes in computer vision and deep learning. They provide AI solutions for various industries, including finance, healthcare, and autonomous driving. They have been involved in both research and commercial applications of AI.
  3. Ubtech Robotics

    • UBTECH Robotics is a Chinese technology company specializing in robotics and artificial intelligence. Founded in 2012, UBTECH is renowned for its innovative humanoid robots and educational robot kits, making robotics accessible to consumers and classrooms. They combine cutting-edge AI with sleek design to create interactive and engaging robots. UBTECH’s products span entertainment, education, and service robotics, with a commitment to advancing human-robot interaction.
  4. Megvii (Face++)

    • Megvii is known for its facial recognition technology and is used in various applications, from security and surveillance to mobile payments. The company was working on expanding its offerings beyond facial recognition.
  5. Cloudwalk

    • CloudWalk Technology is a Chinese artificial intelligence company specializing in computer vision and facial recognition technology. Founded in 2015, CloudWalk has gained prominence for its expertise in facial recognition and biometric solutions. The company’s technology is widely used in various sectors, including finance, security, and retail, and it plays a significant role in improving identity verification, security, and user experience. CloudWalk’s mission is to enhance security and efficiency through AI-driven facial recognition systems and contribute to the development of smart cities and advanced authentication solutions.
  6. iFlytek

    • iFlytek focuses on natural language processing (NLP) and voice recognition technology. They provide AI-powered solutions for language translation, virtual assistants, and more. Their technology is widely used in smart devices and applications.
  7. Cambricon

    • Cambricon is a Chinese artificial intelligence (AI) semiconductor company. Founded in 2016, Cambricon focuses on the development of AI chips and hardware accelerators to power machine learning and deep learning applications. The company’s products are designed to enable faster and more efficient AI processing in a wide range of devices, including data centers, smartphones, autonomous vehicles, and edge computing devices.
  8. Yitu Technology

    • Yitu Technology is an AI startup specializing in computer vision and facial recognition. They work with various industries, including healthcare, finance, and security, to provide AI-powered solutions.
  9. Momenta

    • Momenta focuses on autonomous driving technology, particularly in the development of perception systems for self-driving cars. They aim to make autonomous vehicles safer and more efficient.

    • is another player in the autonomous driving space, working on developing self-driving technology for urban environments. They have conducted autonomous driving trials in several cities, both in China and the United States.
  11. CloudMinds

    • CloudMinds specializes in cloud-based robotics and AI solutions. They develop AI-powered robots for various applications, including healthcare, customer service, and industrial automation.
  12. Xiaoi Robot

    • Xiaoi Robot focuses on conversational AI and chatbot technology. They provide virtual assistant solutions for businesses and customer service applications.
  13. Rokid

    • Rokid is known for its work in augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) and AI-powered smart glasses. They aim to create immersive experiences and improve human-computer interactions.

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