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Top Chinese livestream sales influencers 2024

Chinese livestream sales KOLs

Influencers in China use a variety of tactics to promote products, including live-streaming sessions, product reviews, and sponsored content. They often have exclusive deals with brands, and they may also receive commission on sales generated from their promotions. In addition to promoting products, Chinese livestream sales influencers in China also play a role in building brand awareness and loyalty. They can help brands establish a strong online presence and engage with their target audience.

Influencers play a significant role in e-commerce in China. They are often referred to as Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) or Wang Hong, which means “internet celebrities,” and they have a massive following on social media platforms like WeChat, Weibo, and Taobao Live. Chinese consumers often trust KOLs more than traditional advertising channels like TV, radio, and print media. They consider KOLs to be more authentic and trustworthy, and they often rely on their recommendations when making purchasing decisions.

Overall, influencers have become an integral part of the e-commerce ecosystem in China, and their impact on consumer behavior and purchasing decisions is significant.

Here are some of the top Chinese livestream sales influencers:

1. Li Jiaqi or Austin Li (Chinese: 李佳琦)

  • Also known as the “Lipstick King,” Li Jiaqi is a popular influencer on Taobao with over 90 million followers. He is known for his expertise in cosmetics and beauty products.
top china online sales influencers
Lipstick King Li Jiaqi
  • Forbes China 2019 recognized him as one of the most influential in their list of “30 Under 30”. He was also awarded various awards including “Man at his best” award, Esquire awards and many more.

2. Viya

    • With over 80 million followers on the e-commerce platform Taobao, Viya is one of the most popular online sales influencers in China. She is known for her live streaming sessions, where she promotes a variety of products.
    • According to Chinadaily, Viya, a top seller of products ranging from cosmetics to farm produce on e-commerce platform Taobao, was elected a member of the All-China Youth Federation recently for her contributions to charities and poverty alleviation.

3. Li Ziqi

    • With over 30 million followers on the video-sharing platform Douyin, Li Ziqi is a popular influencer who promotes traditional Chinese products, including food, clothing, and crafts.

      4. Xin Youzhi

      • With over 10 million followers on Taobao, Xin Youzhi is a popular influencer who focuses on promoting health and wellness products.

    5. Zhang Dayi

    • With over 8 million followers on Taobao, Zhang Dayi is a popular influencer who focuses on fashion and lifestyle products. Zhang Dayi - top Chinese online sales influencers

6. Luo Yonghao

    • With over 6 million followers on Taobao, Luo Yonghao is a well-known influencer who focuses on promoting tech products, including smartphones and laptops.

7. Wei Ya

    • With over 4 million followers on Taobao, Wei Ya is a popular influencer who focuses on promoting a variety of products, including beauty, fashion, and electronics.

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