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Top 10 China food delivery apps 2024

Top China food delivery apps

Top 10 China food delivery apps (IOS/Android)

According to Wall Street Journal, the China food delivery apps appeal is clear: Research firm eMarketer expects more than half of China food delivery sales to happen online this year. It’s hard to ignore the two largest China food delivery apps which counted for 70-80% of the food delivery market share. Many of these apps offer various features, such as live order tracking, flexible payment options, and more, making it easy and convenient to order food and have it delivered to your door.
  1. Meituan – No.1 China food delivery apps

    China food delivery apps - meituan-

    • Meituan, Meituan Waimai, Meituan Hotel, and Maoyan Movie Client provide you with comprehensive services such as food, takeaway, hotel, travel, movie, KTV, air tickets, t
    • rain tickets, car washing and maintenance. In addition to various benefits, provides user consumption evaluation, business rating, business information query and other functions, aiming to provide users with good services!
    • Revenue in 2020: $13.71 billion Market value: US$197.44 billion Headquarters: Beijing , China
    • is a comprehensive information website integrating food, takeaway, hotel, travel, movies and other life services. Adhering to the value of consumer first, it is the first in the industry to introduce consumer protection clauses such as “unconditional refund for non-consumption within 7 days” and “unconditional refund for expired Meituan Coupons without consumption”, providing consumers with peace of mind protection of rights and interests. 
    • In Meituan is China’s local life service platform, providing services including entertainment, catering, distribution, and tourism. Meituan is headquartered in Beijing and was established in 2010. Meituan is the world’s largest online and on-demand delivery platform, with more than 290 million monthly active users and more than 600 million registered users. Meituan’s delivery charges are based on restaurants and locations. Last year, Meituan’s revenue was US$13.71 billion, the largest food delivery platform in terms of revenue.
  2. – Top China food delivery apps

    • Owned by Alibaba, is one of the two major food delivery platforms in China. It has over 200 million active users
    • is a local life platform founded in 2008. It is mainly engaged in online food delivery, new retail, instant delivery and catering supply chain. After 12 years of business, takes “Everything 30min” as its mission and is committed to using technology to create The local life service platform has promoted the digitalization process of China’s catering industry and cultivated takeaway as the third conventional way of eating for Chinese people after cooking and dine-in.
  3. Baidu Waimai

    • The food delivery arm of China’s leading search engine, Baidu, offering restaurant food delivery as well as a grocery delivery service.
  4. Dingdong Maicai

    • A food delivery app that focuses on fresh produce and grocery delivery, offering a wide selection of fruits, vegetables, and other groceries.
    • (京东到家)

      Dada Express is China’s leading local real-time distribution platform under Dada Group. With crowdsourcing as the core capacity model, it has built a full-scenario service system consisting of real-time distribution, on-site distribution, and personal distribution. It serves well-known enterprises in various industries, SMEs and individual users.
  5. Duodian Dmall

    • Online platform offering multi-category grocery products. The Company sells consumer goods covering fresh food and daily necessities. The DMall eCommerce engages in supermarkets online and offline operations offering technology, merchandise, warehousing, membership, marketing, and other services. Funding $419M
    • Dmall Technology provides retail joint cloud services based on the Dmall OS system: Dmall OS includes 15 major systems and 800 subsystems, and outputs a complete digital solution; retail joint cloud optimizes omni-channel services from store to home integration to achieve smarter decision-making, The process is more streamlined, the scene is more comprehensive, and the switching is more senseless.
      Value-added services are implemented through multi-point Apps [67]  or merchants’ self-named Apps and mini programs to improve merchants’ omni-channel service capabilities and realize the full digitization of customers.
      As of June 2021, Dmall has reached cooperation with more than 120 chain supermarkets and convenience stores, covering 15,000 stores in four countries and regions, and the model has been widely verified.
  6. Womai – China food delivery apps

    • Womai is a B2C grocery retailer in China. It specializes in selling imported products from overseas markets directly to Chinese consumers, who are increasingly cautious about food safety and quality. It also sells domestically produced food such as fruits and vegetables, as well as cooking utensils and beverages such as wine.
    • Founded in 2009, COFCO is the earliest professional food e-commerce platform in China, and it is also the total export of COFCO’s brand strategy. Relying on COFCO Group’s global industrial chain layout, dedicates healthy, delicious, convenient and pleasant food and considerate services to users at home and abroad, and serves emerging middle-class families with “COFCO Manufacturing + COFCO Optimal”.COFCO will adhere to high-quality development, become a brand operator of COFCO Group’s food e-commerce platform, and create “good products with good intentions in the global industrial chain”. At the same time, vigorously develop its own brands, creating healthy kitchen food brand “Youcai”, healthy food brand “Shiyi”, natural food brand “Shancui”, imported dairy product brand “Shangzhi”, etc. By building a “common good” model of value co-creation, we will work hard for people to eat healthily and happily.
  7. Meicai – B2B China food delivery apps

    •  Meicai is an online B2B platform offering multi-category farm products. The product catalog includes vegetables, fruits, meat, seafood, etc.
    • On June 6, 2014, Meicai was officially established. Meicai has been committed to using Internet thinking to change the domestic modern agricultural and catering supply chain. With the unique “two ends, one chain, one platform” model, Meicai innovates and upgrades the supply chain of agricultural products, improves circulation efficiency, and distributes profits to both ends. Focus on providing one-stop food and beverage ingredients procurement services of all categories and worry-free whole process for nearly ten million restaurants across the country. In September 2018, the valuation was nearly $7 billion. Over the past five years, Meicai has maintained a momentum of rapid growth.
    • For an unchanging promise – to make life easier for ordinary people

      In the early stage, Meicai took small and medium-sized catering merchants as the entry point, focusing on providing one-stop, full-category, lower-priced and fresher catering raw material procurement services for nearly one million restaurants across the country. Provide customers with time-saving, labor-saving, money-saving and worry-free raw materials, and realize worry-free procurement throughout the process. Through the scientific and refined management of procurement, quality inspection, warehousing, logistics and other processes, solve the problem of farmers’ unsalable agricultural products.

  8. Sherpas

    • Food ordering app in English, and come with a pricey price
  9. Beijing Shihui Technology

    • an online distributor of groceries facilitating group buying. It provides a platform for farmers, retailer, and others in the food retail chain.
  10. Dmall

    • is an online platform providing grocery delivery from local supermarkets. Using its GPS based location service it allows users to select any local retail store and order products listed on its catalog.



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