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Marketing in Asia – How to spy your competitors in 5seconds?

Spy your competitors in 5 seconds

Everyone who has ever done marketing for any ecommerce site, will always know SEO is a very powerful marketing tool which leads to a very high conversion rate. This rule is also applicable for content sites like my blog EcomEye. Or a very typical case study for content site is HubSpot blog. Most of their marketing automation tool sales were from their blogs:

In this post I wanna share a simple tool to check some of the key SEO metrics for any website.
Here is the comparison between EcomEye’s SEO score and some similar but much bigger sites.
Of course they’re not my blog competitors, just for an example 🙂

Go to NeilPatel website: and enter your domain name. NeilPatel is a digital marketing guru, he is the founder of some famous digital tools: Crazy Egg and KissMetrics. If you search for “Digital Marketing” then his blog is always on the first page.


Then type your company website to the box, and also other three competitors

Spy your competitors in 5 seconds
Spy your competitors in 5 seconds


Then you will have an overview, here BusinessInsider is the winner, not EcomEye 🙁

Overall SEO score

TechCrunch doesn’t have a good SEO score because of several reasons. One they set up a long time ago so some of the site structure and URL were not so optimized, now if they want to change, it’s not easy. For ChannelNewsAsia, actually they already have a very good & large amount of content, that’s why they don’t have to care much on SEO. To have a very large amount of content like ChannelNewsAsia, for sure, will be very costly. That’s why we need SEO.


And then check for site speed score. So till here any novice can surely know speed is one of the most critical factors for SEO.

SEO speed score

Oh, here EcomEye is the winner! Smaller means faster and more flexible!!!


Then check for the overall SEO score with some more details

Competitive Analysis Table
Competitive Analysis Table

So my blog has a very humble backlink, this is something I have to work on.
The current score might be slightly changed but not so much different with the above ones.

So from the simple above examples, you can check for your website and try to improve some of the key factors first. Finally, what are the three critical factors of SEO?

  • Speed
  • Backlinks
  • Keywords
  • …. some moreNow you can go to and type your website, with my website and we can compete 🙂

    Actually NeilPatel is using the tool powered by SEMRush, you can try two weeks freel trial with SEMRush with this SEMRush code, if you go directly to their site then can use only one week trial.

For some more SEO tactics I will write some detail posts later.

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