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Covid-19 impact on Indonesian online searching trends for Shopping, Beauty & Personal Care, Food & Beverage

The post will be covering the most popular Indonesian online shopping trends, also watching, searching trends for daily needs and for Beauty and Personal Care, Food and Beverage… @research stats are from Google Trends/ThinkwithGoogle/Youtube

  1. Healthcare

    • From Google research, Indonesian people are turning to Search to take action and find ways to care for themselves at home. They’re looking for facts and treatment options from trusted healthcare experts and verified sources, and even turning to Search for information and tips on how to maintain their mental health in these challenging times.
    • They’re also searching for at-home self-care with an increase of 131%






2. What’re Indonesian watching online?

    • From another angle, people in Indonesia are turning to online videos to satiate their curiosity or keep themselves entertained.
    • In 2020 Youtube has reached over 932 million users, age 18 and above, accounting for 91% of the adult population that is online. There are over 600 Indonesian youtube channels with over 1 million subscribers. For ex: Ucup Klaten 1.1M, Vokalplus 1.0M, Fadil Jaidi 1.67M
    • The trending clips are about tourism, automotive exhibitions, knowledge, electronics, Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game, and finally Korean dramas.
    • For the full information about Youtube interests in Indonesia and how to capture Indonesia consumers’ attention.

3. Indonesia Year in search report 2020 – ThinkwithGoogle

    • Local products are rising: a 95% increase in searches for “buatan Indonesia” (made in Indonesia): According to ThinkwithGoogle, people sought out for local product. As a global crisis tests their values, people are looking for ways to do more for their communities and the environment – and they expect the same from brands. There was a focus on how people could help locally with a 200% increase in searches for “menyumbangkan” (donate) and a 95% increase in searches for “buatan Indonesia” (made in Indonesia) as people sought out local products.
    • Sweet relief: Amid the historic challenges of the pandemic, consumers are welcoming brands that spark joy in their lives and create a safe space for them. Search interest for “podcasts” (+105%) and “tanaman rumah” (house plants, +120%) spiked in 2020.

    • It isn’t just millennials, Gen X and boomers who are purchasing online. The country’s Gen Z* are digital natives with their own preferences and habits, and increasing spending power. This year, their relationship with retailers has moved decisively online.
    • According to Tokopedia, 91.7% of Indonesians using Android, Tokopedia partnered with Google to increase reach and awareness among first-time mobile users.
  • Beauty and Personal Care

Indonesian beauty consumers are looking to Searchfor answers to combat skin problems.

Maskne: the term created for a rash or an acne breakout caused by wearing a mask for a long duration saw a significant surge in searches this year

More about Indonesia Beauty and Personal Care Research

4. Food and Beverage

  • Since the start of COVID-19, many Indonesian consumers are choosing to shop for groceries online. They are also open to experimenting in the kitchen to take their culinary skills up a notch.
  • Indonesians are increasingly going online to shop for essential items. 114% growth in searches for “sembako*” (grocery essentials). Rice, oil, flour are also lining up to compete with sembako.

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