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Top 20 finance apps in Vietnam


Top  20 finance apps in Vietnam

Top 10 Android finance apps in Vietnam

  1. Momo  –  money transfer and payment

    momo fintech startup vietnam

    • The most popular ewallet app in Vietnam, Momo claims it has more than 20 million users
    • Vietnam leading fintech startup Momo got funded hundred of million dollars from top financial firms such as Goldman Sachs, Tiger Global… and probably acchieved the unicorn status.
  2. Vietcombank

    • One of the big-four banks in Vietnam, used to be a state-owned enterprise but then was equitized and has become a listed company
    • Vietcombank is probably the most popular bank used for bank transfer
  3. VietinBank iPay

  4. ViettelPay  –  Quick money-transfer, safe payment

    • Payment app of the biggest telco in Vietnam – Viettel. Probably more than half of Vietnam population each has a Viettel simcard.
    • Viettel and MB Bank also in the same family of Vietnam military enterprise
  5. Toss  –  rewards, top-up, free account and card

  6. BIDV Smart Banking

    • Published by VNPAY
  7. ZaloPay  –  Money-transfer and payment in 2s

    • The ewallet of Zalo, the most popular chatapp in Vietnam, it’s users probably equal to Facebook users  more or less.
    • Zalo is the mobile app of VNG, the first unicorn from Vietnam and also  started as a game developer. VNG invested and owned around 30% of Tiki, one of the top 10 online shopping sites in Vietnam
  8. MB Bank

    • The bank of Vietnam Military and recently focusing aggressively on digital banking
  9. Agribank E-mobile banking App (published by VNPAY)

  10. ShopeePay Wallet

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The most funded fintech startup VNPay (the ewallet of family) is at 13 postion. But there are several bank apps are published by VNPay: Agribank,

Top 5 trending finance apps on Play Store

  •  FE CREDIT Mobile: Vay tiêu dùng,Thẻ ,Bảo Hiểm 
  •  TradingView – Stock charts, Forex & Bitcoin price 
  •  DongA Bank Internet Banking 
  •  Trust: Crypto & Bitcoin Wallet. The cryptocurrency wallet of Binance.
  • Finhay  –  Accumulate and Invest
    • its a micro finance – fintech startup that let people invest with a small amount of money, such as $2.5 or so

Top 10 iPhone finance apps in Vietnam

  1. MB Bank
  2. Momo
  3. Finhay
  4. ViettelPay
  5. Vietcombank
  6. Agribank Emobile banking
  7. VietinBank iPay
  8. F@st Mobile
    • The mobile app of Techcombank, one of the most digitalized banks in Vietnam, used to invest by HSBC.
  9. ZaloPay
  10. SmartBanking
    • The mobile app of BIDV, also one of the big-four stated-owned banks

Top 5 trending iPhone finance apps in Vietnam

  1. ShopeePay Wallet
  2. Cake Digital Banking ( Be-group)

    • Cake is the wallet payment app of Begroup, the largest local ride-hailing app in Vietnam, competing with Grab and Go-jek. Begroup is backed by one of the top banks, and rumored also by VinGroup, the largest local conglomerate.
  3. Toss –  rewards, top-up, free account and card
  4. Woori Won Vietnam
  5. Binance app – cryptocurrencies are also gaining popularity in Vietnam
  6. Paypal mobile cash

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