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Top 10 Vietnam online shopping sites 2021

Vietnam dominates list of top Southeast Asian e-commerce sites.

It’s a list of top 10 online shopping/marketplace sites in Vietnam ecommercer market combined from some statistic tools with my experience in Vietnam ecommerce  & online shopping market. I used to manage online eCommerce channel for the largest retail chain in VN, also worked in travel, online women community, deal aggregator site so know one or two things about Vietnam ecommerce market. Let’s check what are the top 10 online shoping sites in Vietnam?

Top 10 online shopping sites/marketplaces in Vietnam 2021

Five of the 10 most visited e-commerce sites in Southeast Asia last year were based in Vietnam, showcasing local firms’ international competitive potential.

Thegioididong, the e-commerce website run by retail giant Mobile World, ranked fifth with average web visits in 2020 reaching 28.6 million a month, according to a report released by Malaysia-based market research firm iPrice, covering six countries in Southeast Asia.

Tiki, the second largest e-commerce site in Vietnam, was in sixth place with 22.4 million visits a month. Homegrown e-commerce platform Sendo secured eighth place with 14.3 million web visits a month, followed by Bach Hoa Xanh (8.8 million) and FPT Shop (7.2 million). (

  1. No.1 Vietnam marketplace 84.87M monthly visits

    • Online shopping millions of men’s and women’s fashion products, electronics, home appliances…good prices & many offers. Buy and sell online in 30 seconds. shopee guarantees receipt or refund. shopee guarantee | Free Shipping | Today’s Suggestions
    • ShopeePay the payment arm of Shopee also is in the Top 20 finance apps in Vietnam
  2. 39.89M

    • The largest Vietnam electronic retail chain
    • Latest mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, tablets, laptops, accessories, smartwatches, genuine watches, best prices, best customer service in Vietnam
  3. 25.59M

    • The largest home appliances retail chai (also the same group with
    • buys refrigeration electronics, household appliances, and technology products. Buy online at good price, dedicated professional service.
  4. 25M

    • leisurely shop online at lazada with thousands of products from electronics, fashion, home appliances to food… with preferential prices, many promotions.
  5. 18.33M

    • convenient shopping for millions of items and services. countless freeship offers, discount codes. 15% cashback upto 600k/month with tikicard credit card.
  6. 12.3M

    • The most visited classified ads/marketplace in Vietnam
    • “Good Market” – Vietnamese classifieds buying and selling website with thousands of bargains being sold every day. Post reputable, fast and safe buying and selling news.
  7. 7.6M

    • “sendo – Vietnamese market, very affordable price” ❤️ online shopping with competitive price ✨ shopee, lazada, tiki buying and selling men’s and women’s fashion, mobile world – laptop ✨ attractive promotion ✨✨ free shipping ✨ FPT Corporation’s e-commerce floor ✅ buy and sell online, buy quality products ✅ cheap prices from reputable shops

    • | Phones, Laptops, Tablets, Main Accessories…
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      100% genuine products are distributed by FPTShop digital retail system with many attractive promotions, genuine warranty. Buy cheap online…
  9. 5.99M

    • The largest grocery retail chain in Vietnam ( also the same group with the above two Thegioididong and Dienmayxanh)
    • Green department store retails fresh food, confectionery, canned goods, cheap household appliances, fresh products, guaranteed origin, attentive service.
  10. 3.3M

    • ✓ shop online ✓ shop online at for home appliances, sporting goods, medical & healthcare equipment, tools & tools, electronics, office equipment, cosmetics & beauty . Genuine products, nationwide delivery, very good prices

Top 10 online shopping sites/apps in Vietnam 2019 – 2020


Updated Mar 23, 2020

  1. Tiki – 24.36M

  • Time on sites: 5:45m
  • Pages per visits: 6.13
  • Top traffics source: search 49.84%
    1.  Thegioididong – 28.36M

  • Time on sites 4:06 mins
  • Pages per visit 4.76
  • Top traffics source: organic search 68.4%
  1.  Shopee – 42.2M visits (monthly) – coutry general rank 12

  • Time on sites 8:15
  • Pages per visits: 9.58
  • Top traffics source: Direct 58.3%

Top 10 online shopping sites in Vietnam 2017

For more details on each website, please check on Top ecommerce sites 2016 area.

10. – 1.43M visits

    • Classified site
    • Avg. Visit Duration 00:03:12
  • Pages per Visit 3.73

9. – 3.15M visits

    • Avg. Visit Duration 00:04:04
  • Pages per Visit 

8. – 3.9M visits

    • Used to be the most popular selling and buying forum in the South of Vietnam. 5 giay means:  you can get done one transaction within 5 seconds on the site.
    • Avg. Visit Duration 00:03:45
  • Pages per Visit 3.69

7. – 4.75M visits

    • Classified site
    • Avg. Visit Duration 00:08:03
  • Pages per Visit 9.63

7. – 7.25M visits

  • Real estate site
  • Avg. Visit Duration 00:08:21

  • Pages per Visit 6.97

6. – 15.08M visits

    • One of the main competitors of Lazada Vietnam
    • Avg. Visit Duration 00:05:41
  • Pages per Visit 6.86

5. – 15.26M visitsShopee Vietnam

    • Tagline in Vietnamese: khám phá shopee – ứng dụng mua bán tin cậy và nhanh chóng. mua và bán trong 30 giây, mọi lúc, mọi nơi. shopee đảm bảo | miễn phí vận chuyển | gợi ý hôm nay
    • Shopee with good services and free delivery is gaining popularity in Vietnam online shoppers and shop owners
    • Avg. Visit Duration 00:09:39
  • Pages per Visit 11.03

4. – 23.63M visits

    • Tagline in Vietnamese:mua bán thời trang nam nữ, mẹ và bé, phụ kiện công nghệ, gia dụng…khuyến mãi hấp dẫn, vận chuyển toàn quốc. sàn tmđt chính thức của tập đoàn fpt.
    • One of the main competitors of Lazada Vietnam
    • Avg. Visit Duration 00:04:39
  • Pages per Visit 4.41

3. – 17.34M visits

    • Classified site
    • Avg. Visit Duration 00:09:42
  • Pages per Visit 12.92

2. – 41.25M visits 

  • Avg. Visit Duration 00:06:17
  • Pages per Visit 6.66

1. & – 39.75M & 9.38M visits thegioididong

  • Avg. Visit Duration 00:04:31
  • Pages per Visit 4.29
  • Thegioidiong from a digital retail chain now extending to home appliance products (, 9.38M), daily grocery (, general product ( And recently Thegioididong is also moving in setting up pharmaceutical retail chain. Thegioididong group is now the No.1 in eCommerce field in Vietnam.

Disclaimer: I used to be Founding Head of Ecommerce for Thegioididong few years ago.

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Top 10 online shopping sites in Vietnam 2016


1. – No.1 ecommerce site in Vietnam

One point to mention that the product and technical team of Lazada Southeast Asia are also based in Vietnam due to the relevant talents here. The top ecommerce site in Vietnam has been aggressively promoting in Vietnam since 2010.



part of 701Search, a joint venture between Singapore Press Holdings Limited, Schibsted Media Group and Telenor Group. Chotot is also sister of Kaidee Thailand, Mudah Malaysia, Berniaga Indonesia (now merged with OLX)


founded 3/2010, a B2C website started with selling books then extended to selling most popular products in Books/Electronics & Accessories/Gifts/Fashion/Beauty & Health. Tiki was backed by Huan Dinh (one of the founders of the largest  digital retail chains in Vietnam Thegioididong No.4 this list) seed round. Recently funded by  Sumitomo (Series B), then VNG one of the largest Internet companies in VN with around $20M. VNG’s M&A strategy seems to work better it’s own ecommerce business.



The largest digital and home appliance product retail chain in Vietnam with more than 1000 stores, now extending to daily grocery with it’s new chain BachHoaXanh (Green Grocery) – Largest retail chain in Vietnam, started with selling mobile, movable digital products then selling home and appliances, now extending to daily grocery products. According to Euromonitor, Thegioididong is the top ecommerce player in VN for five years in a row. More corporate details here.



A general shopping site but has more advantage with fashion and cosmetic products. Sendo is the ecommerce arm of FPT – one of the largest telecom companies in Vietnam with many products and services such as retail, software outsourcing, Internet service provider. FPT also owns one of the largest online news site


classified ad website, Founder is computer shop owner, started a forum to let his customers discuss about computer devices’ problems. Deals turn into real transactions ratio is very high. Grew by viral. Detailed story in Vietnamese


used to be the most trafficked ecommerce site in VN thanks to content and SEO strategy, started as a price comparison site.


B2C site backed buy Vin Group, whose owner is the first $US billionaire in VN (on the listed stock market). Vin owns some of the largest shopping malls in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city, and now is going online aggressively by investing 100M for online business.


started as a restaurant review website now Foody extending to Travel, and also offering online booking, food delivery service. Foody is backed by Garena (Series B), Tiger Global (Series C). It’s last round valuation around $37M. Foody already set up in Indonesia and extending to other countries in ASEAN.


digital product retail chain of FPT, sister with Sendo No.6


online retailer from Korea, started with selling fashion and cosmetics products. It has some sister sites in Southeast Asia.

Note: it’s now all the top ecommerce sites in Vietnam are backed by the giants mostly in Vietnam, then from Singapore, Korea. Only started as a forum, and it takes more time to grow, more than ten years since the beginning.

For a comparison, check out my list for Top 10 ecommerce sites in Vietnam 2013

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• – Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam, probably the bank with the most online banking accounts in Vietnam
• launched by the end of 2007, real estate website
• – classified website started as an online version of Mua & Ban (Buy & Sell), the most popular classified newspaper in Vietnam. Backed by IDG Ventures Vietnam, the first VC in Vietnam since 2004, invested $100M with more than 40 startups in it’s porfolio.
• Grab & Uber seem to be more popular in Vietnam than they’re in Thailand as taxi price in Vietnam is usually much higher than the tech-enable car sharing services.
• This is the sister of, No. 4 in this top list
• the infamous bikini airline with the first self-made female bilionaire in Southeast Asia from Vietnam. Seems to be the decent competitor of AirAsia and LionAir. Recently it closed a deal around $11.3 billion with Boing.
• NguyenKim sold half of it’s shares to Central Group Thailand. Previously it’s the largest home appliance product chain in Vietnam. Now seems to loose it’s title with Dienmayxanh and Thegioididong, which above it’s rank in this list.
• lunched in April 2010, AliExpress ( is a global retail marketplace targeted at consumers worldwide. AliExpress seems to be popular in many countries in Southeast Asia now.
• a mobile marketplace, a subsidy ecommerce arm of Garena, one of the few powerful unicorn startups based out of Singapore. I’ve heard some feedback about Shopee since their services are convenient, easy to use, fee is very low or free.

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