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VIetnam food delivery apps

Top Vietnam online food delivery apps

(For both Android and iPhone mobiles)

  1. Grab Food – No.1 in Vietnam food delivery apps

    15 Vietnam best food delivery apps
    IOS appstore
    • 15 Vietnam best food delivery apps
      Rating 4.5 (Based on 6,763,129 votes)(regional reviews for all Southeast Asian countries, not just Vietnam)
    • After the merger with Uber Southeast Asia, Grab has had a time with no competitors and quickly aqquire a large marketshare of ride hailing in Vietnam. And then Grab leverages this advantage to expand to food and grocery delivery field.
  2. Now – Shopee Food – No. 2 in Vietnam food delivery apps

    • Rating 4.8 (Based on 140,988 votes) Now chính thức đổi tên thành ShopeeFood và những điều mà hội "đi chợ" cần lưu ý
    • Now offers both ready meals, food and vegetables.
    • Now – which is just switched to Shopeed Food last few days. Before that Now is backed up by Foody, the largest food review site and community in Vietnam.
    • Then Foody was acquired by SEA group and merged with Shopee, which is the No.1 in Top 10 online shopping sites/apps in Vietnam
  3. Baemin

    Baemin Việt Nam Career 2021 | Glints
    • Rating 4.2  (Based on 59,663 votes) 

      Just a late comer to Vietnam food delivery market but the food delivery app startup from Korea quickly grabs a considerable portion of the play field, via a fun and active brand image, together with a sharp local market view and operation.

    • Backed up by the strong dad Baemin Korea and grandfather Deliveroo with billions of market valuation, Baemin holds the 2nd spot in IOS Appstore and the 4th in Android appstore Vietnam.
    • Self-desc: We’re very passionate about delivering food. Have you tried? # Super-easy to find the food you like Search the tasting food or the restaurant on our app in just 1 click # Crazy discounts
  4. Bach Hoa Xanh

    15 Vietnam best food delivery apps
    Android store
    • Rating 2.2 (Based on 1,619 votes), recently the rating for Bachhoaxanh is going down according to increasing up the food and grocery prices in the guarantee time in Vietnam. 
    • The third brand from the largest retail chains in Vietnam – MobileWorld, Bach Hoa Xanh with the power of more than 1000 brick & mortal stores is rapidly gaining both offline and online exposure.
    • In Android app store, Bach Hoa Xanh is even rising up to the top spot and kicked Grab off the peak.
  5. Loship

    • Loship - Đặt đồ ăn là miễn phí ship
      Rating 3.8 (Based on 32,695 votes) 
    • tagline: “Ship đồ ăn rất nhanh” – Very fast food delivery
    • Loship is an extension from Lozi, also a food review app startup competing with the above Foody. Then after raising funds from several investors from Singapore and Korea, Lozi expanded to delivery field, especially in Food delivery segment.
    • Loship is at 5th postion in Android store and 7th in IOS appstore, an impressive move for a small tech startup with just few million dollars competing with the top regional and local giants.
  6. BeChef

    • Rating 4.6 (Based on 275 votes)
    • Self-description: Know the secret of delicious cooking, healthy living to prevent diseases from the root and improve natural beauty. Take care of your loved ones from food filled with happiness
  7. The Coffee House

    • Rating 4.5 (Based on 5,514 votes)
  8. Mio

    • According to TechCrunch: “Social commerce company Mio is taking advantage of that gap by building a reseller network and logistics infrastructure that can offer next-day delivery to tier 2 and 3 cities. The startup, which currently focuses on fresh groceries and plans to expand into more categories, announced today it has raised $1 million in seed funding.”
  9. F99

    • A food delivery startup focuses on fresh fruits
  10. DeliveryK

  11. Jollibee Vietnam

  12. G Kitchen

  13. KFC Vietnam

  14. Mc Donalds Vietnam

  15. Chopp Southeast Asia eCommerceFor Press Release and guest posts, feel free to reach mb[at][@] 

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