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What are Vietnam consumer trend during the pandemic?

The statistics about Vietnam consumer trend are based on Google shopping search volume in the last three months ( 23 May – 23 August, 2021). This is also the highest Covid period in Vietnam with thousands of new cases each day. Most non-essential businesses have been closed (coffee shops, movies, bars…) except food, medicine, banking…

Top 10 most popular price-related search keywords

  1. giá vàng – gold price What are Vietnam consumer trend during the pandemic
  2. giá vàng hôm nay – gold price today
  3. giá cà phê – coffee price
  4. giá tiêu – pepper price
  5. tỷ giá – currency exchange rate
  6. giá điện thoại – mobile phone price
  7. giá dầu – oil price
  8. giá chứng khoán – stock price
  9. giá vàng 9999 – 9999 gold price
  10. giá tiêu hôm nay – pepper price today

* Vietnam consumer trend note

3 * coffee price: Vietnam is the world second largest coffee exporter, in the local market, there are also dozens of coffee chains, and thousand of independent coffee shops scattered in any corner.
4. pepper price: Vietnam some time the world largest pepper exporter
5. currency exchange rate: implied rate of USD/VND
6. Even most of companies are lagging due to Covid and guarantee period, the stock market is still go up to one of the highest all time high index.

Top 10 trending price-related search keywords

  1. blog giảm giá – discounted blog What are Vietnam consumer trend during the pandemic?
  2. tìm mã giảm giá shopee – find shopee discount codes
  3. tìm kiếm mã giảm giá shopee – find shopee discount codes
  4. mã giảm giá – discount codes
  5. khẩu trang n95 giá – facemask n95 price
  6. giá vaccin covid – vaccin covid price
  7. mã giảm giá shopee – shopee discount codes
  8. giá xe vinfast lux 2.0 – vinfast lux 2.0 price
  9. mã giảm giá lazada – lazada discount codes
  10. mã giảm giá – discount codes
  11. giá dogecoin hôm nay  – dogecoin price today

2,3,4,7 shopee related searches: Shopee is the most used online shopping site in Vietnam, for more detail check Top 10 online shopping sites in Vietnam

6. vaccin covid price – until this time, Vietnam has just covered less than 10% of population with Covid vaccines.

8. vinfast lux 2.0 – Vinfast is a new car brand from Vingroup, the largest company in Vietnam. Vinfast is also setting up a business operation team in the US to prepare for selling the electronic vehicle product lines in the states.

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