Social Entrepreneur Pai Somsak: LocalAlike is a social enterprise with a mission to promote community-based tourism in Thailand and the region

Organic rice farming activity with a muslim community in Bangkok

I first met Pai few months ago in Bangkok as we’ve shared common interest in travel field. We’ve kept discussing about travel and tourism in Thailand. Then last week we accidentally met each other again in Web in Travel 2014 in Singapore, the most prestigous travel conference in Asia. And Pai was always lucky with prizes and contests. […]

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HotelsCombined Thailand’s Paul Riampanich on Thai travelers’ insights

Southeast Asia is the world fastest growing travel destination. And Thailand for sure is the most favorite destination in this region. Bangkok for the first time became the world most visited city in 2012, surpassed global icons Paris, New York, London with nearly 16 million visitors. We usually think about Thais as friendly and kind hosts with […]

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Samir Wildemman – GM The Prestige Okura Bangkok Hotel: If your service is outstanding, you will succeed!

Reviews for Okura Bangkok on TripAdvisor

Hotel industry is a very interesting industry, it’s not only because personally I love travel and tourism, but also because it is a special industry in which the brand positioning and market segment are very clear, much better than most of other industries. Another reason that hospitality is most famous for customer services. I thought […]

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Jungle Ventures’ Operating Partner Alexander Jarvis – an ex-Lazada guy on a $4M deal: We want to see that every pixel matters!

Alex: "There needs to be a real pain that a lot of people have and are not having solved adequately"

Alex had experienced an interesting childhood in Southeast Asia. A British boy relocated to live in Indonesia when his father moved to the land of archipelago (sounds like Obama’s story, huh?) to work in the oil field. He lived there for more than 10 years then moved to work across Asia Pacific and Europe. He […]

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WearYouWant Thailand story – Part 2: How to spend one million dollars

Part 1: WearYouWant Thailand fundraising story Part 1: How to get one million dollars? In part 1, i’ve had an interview with Martin Toft – WearYouWant CEO about how did they manage to raise $1.5M. Let’s continue with part 2 to see how can they spend this money and what is the most challenging thing […]

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