Restaurant Reviews Wongnai CEO Yod Chinsupakul: “Thailand is the biggest market in Southeast Asia in terms of food and beauty”

I have luckily arrived and observed Thai startup scene in the right time since 2012. At that time some startups just started to grow big and is one of them. Till now Wongnai is clearly the leader in restaurant review domain with more than five million visitors a month and nearly 200.000 restaurants on […]

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Japanese VC Kei Shibata: I can always see whether they really want me or just my money!

Graduated from Havard Business School, went to work for Mishubishi Japan and then co-founded eCommerce & travel startup Venture Republic including the shopping comparison site and the two largest travel portals & Till now the three sites have more than 15 million monthly visits in Japan. And more than that, his comparison […]

Continue Reading CEO Hadi Wenas on How to go big and scale fast in Indonesia eCommerce market

This post is appeared first on e27! Wenas is surely one of my most favorite interviewees recently as he is very smart and likeable (in the context of hundreds of entrepreneurs I’ve met in Asia). Interestingly we have some common points so I feel naturally familiar with him. We have tech background, worked as a software […]

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Fashion eCommerce WearYouWant’s CEO Martin on How to close series B with Japanese VC, mobile commerce in Thailand and… Muay Thai

WearYouWant offline campaign on BTS

Series B of funding is not popular in Southeast Asia and still rare in Thailand. So I catch up with Martin – Co-founder/Co-CEO of the fashion ecommerce startup WearYouWant who just got funded an un-disclosed amount of money series B from the leading Japanese online fashion house ZozoTown (market cap over $3 billions). This is […]

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25 most visited Indonesian online shopping & ecommerce sites in 2015 – reviews and comparisons

Selamat Datang! Last year I wrote a post about Top 25 most trafficked ecommerce websites in Indonesia. The post quickly went viral and became one of the most viewed posts with most of traffics from Facebook first and later from Google. I’m also coming to Indonesia soon so wanna have a refresh view about the market. […]

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m-Commerce startups to watch in Thailand: curated fashion discovery, discounted restaurant platform

m-commerce is getting hot in Southeast Asia and especially in Thailand, where people love to check and do everything on their smartphones frequently. But not so many startups are really paying a big attention to mobile or go mobile-only approach. Let have a look on the two promising mobile startups in the Thai ecommerce space.  […]

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Paul Srivorakul – Southeast Asia’s online tycoon on How to build regional leading startups out of Thailand

Before starting aCommerce/Ardentcap the Thai American serial entrepreneur exited three startups with total valuation more than $US 100M. The most recent was Ensogo (leading group-buying sites in Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines)  aqquired by LivingSocial. Others are AdMax and Newmedia Edge all are regional startups in Southeast Asia operating across Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Vietnam. He is […]

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Startups to watch in Indonesia: eCommerce drop-shipping, mobile payment, mobile survey platform dropshipping in Surabaya

Today I would like to share some of the growing startups in Indonesia as the start of Startups to Watch series. The criteria for this section: most of them are relatively unknown or not popular to the public and usually they’re funded less than $500k, e.g the startups in the bootrapping or angel/seed stage. They […]

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How to operate your ecommerce business successfully in Southeast Asia

This is a guest post from Katie, Content Manager and Researcher for Flipit Singapore, on why SEA is the perfect ecommerce market of today. Flipit is a global couponing startup which has some local sites in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Southeast Asia is fast becoming one of the most attractive ecommerce markets globally, and collectively […]

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Cheryl Goh GrabTaxi’s CMO on Hyperlocal Marketing & mCommerce in Southeast Asia

Cheryl Goh CMO of Grabtaxi speaking in 10 minutes on how to do marketing locally in Southeast Asia , especially Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, Thailand markets. She was sharing this in WIT Bootcamp Singapore 2015 She also answered an exclusive question about mobile commerce in Southeast Asia with Related posts: Here’s Lazada’s scoresheet on conquering […]

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5-step to make your eCommerce customers more loyal (in Southeast Asia)!

customer retention loyalty in southeast asia

What is the simplest loyalty program you’ve ever known? Since I’m based in Bangkok the last few years, I’ve experienced many small shops in Sukhumvit area such as restaurants, foodcourt, massage, coffee using the same mechanism. They simply offers: “Buy 10, Free 1”. But from hundreds of entrepreneurs I’ve met in Southeast Asia, particularly in Thailand, […]

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How to recruit digital talents in Indonesia?

Returned from a long trip in Indonesia and visited the four biggest cities in the archipelago Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Yogakarta, until now I have been observing Indonesia for several years. Indonesian startup scene is getting hot since the last two years. Lots of money from Japan, Singapore and even Korea or China were poured into the […]

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