Top 10 ecommerce sites in Thailand online market

Top 10 online shopping sites in Thailand market

สวัสดีครับ The top ecommerce sites in Thailand market is analyzed from SimilarWeb, Alexa and Truehits – a local site ranking tool in Thailand. They’re all collected and arranged with my working experience for almost five years as a Digital Marketer in ecommerce in Thailand. We can also look at their mobile apps to know if they’re also popular on the mobile ecommerce world or not.

I’m also glad that there are two ecommerce startups whose founders I interviewed them one or two years ago when they were out of the top ecommerce sites. Now with their growth, they’re playing a top roles at 5th and 6th positions: Priceza and Wongnai. The following statistics will be about their monthly visits. Time on site and page per visit represent for the quality of visits so they can tell many things.

10. (4.08M visits)

  • Car listing site: Rod means car in Thai
  • Time on sites: 10:56 mins
  • Page per visit: 11
  • Total App Installs: 50K – 100K Rating 4.4  (Based on 468 votes)
  • The visit’s quality of Taladrod is very good, and Thailand is the largest car market in Southeast Asia (will be soon surpassed by Indonesia) => it will have lots of room to grow.

9. (2.34M visits)

  • Cosmetics review site

8. (6.74M visits)

(raka means Price)

7. (10.35M visits)

6. (11.39M visits)Wongnai

The restaurant & beauty review startup is already growing sustainably. It’s restaurant’s reviewer community and a large amount of existing reviews are touch market entry barriers for any competitors wanna compete with it. Read my interview with Wongnai CEO Yod Chinsupakul 

  • Time on site: 2:00 mins
  • Page per visit: 6.09
  • Total Android App Installs: 1M – 5M Rating 4.4  (Based on 23,433 votes)
  • Interestingly to see page per visit of Wongnai is more than 6 pages while time on site is only 2 mins. Eg it’s quite quick to browse 6 pages within 2 minutes => maybe their users were very hungry while using the site, so they weren’t patient enough. Hmmm, not kidding!

5. (20.31M visits)Priceza

It’s not a surprise to see the price comparison startup Priceza in the top list as the price comparison site is growing and expanding to Southeast Asia, not just in it’s hometown Thailand. Read more about Priceza via my interview with Thailand Priceza CEO interview

  • Time on site: 2:42 mins
  • Page per visit: 2.26
  • Total Android App Install 500K – 1M Rating 4.3  (Based on 6,703 votes)
  • It’s not surprised to see the two above factors are not as high as that of Lazada Thailand and Kaidee, as users were just comprising product prices, then quickly clicked to the lowest price ones and looked for detail information.


Samsung Thailand

Samsung Thailand

Samsung the first time jumps into Top sites in Thailand, also in Top ecommerce sites in Indonesia 2017.

  • Time on site: 2:09 mins
  • Page per visit: 2.09
  • Time on site and page per visit of Samsung is pretty humble if compared with other sites in the top sites. Hence we can guess that most visitors visited for product’s information rather than conducting a shopping transaction. For example: if you wanna buy Galaxy Note 8 then Samsung Thailand will redirect you to
  • By the way, do you know why I’m using a colorful Samsung’s logo while using a normal Samsung logo in the top 10 ecommerce sites in Indonesia? Because Thais is the most color favorite people in Southeast Asia.


AliExpress ThailandLaunched in April 2010, AliExpress ( is a global retail marketplace targeted at consumers worldwide, many of them located in Russia, the United States and Brazil. The platform enables consumers from around the world to buy directly from wholesalers and manufacturers in China and have access to a wide variety of products at wholesale prices. AliExpress is a business within Alibaba Group.

Alibaba is, again, showing up it’s scary power while occupying two of three top spots in Thailand with Lazada and AliExpress. And a similar situation in Indonesia with Lazada Indonesia and Tokopedia (minor share). Read more: Top 10 ecommerce sites in Indonesia 2017

  • Time on site: 8:47 mins
  • Page per visit: 10.5

2. (22.52M visits)


  • A brother with OLX in Indonesia and Chotot in Vietnam. Kaidee (in Thai means: sell well), a classified platform for both new and second hand product listings.
  • Time on site: 7.59 mins
  • Page per visit: 10.82
  • Total App Installs: 5M – 10M Rating 4.2  (Based on 90,980 votes) (70.06M visits)

  • Lazada ThailandTime on site: 5:51 mins
  • Page per visit: 5.75
  • We can see Lazada Thailand has a crazy monthly visit, which is just a bit smaller than Lazada Indonesia with 88M monthly visits. But the fact that Indonesia’s population is 250M+ around six times of Thailand’s 67M.
  • Alibaba plans to make Thailand an inventory hub for Thailand – Vietnam – Cambodia – Laos and Myanmar. Now we can already see Taobao collection on Lazada Thailand
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Other top ecommerce sites in Thailand 2017

Read more:

Other top ecommerce sites

  • Other big names are out of the top list
      • Travel destination site. Pai – nai – dii means “Go where good” in Thai
    • Weloveshopping
    • Zalora
    • CentralOnline
    • CDiscount
    • iTrueMart

Note: there are something worth to mention in the top ecommerce sites in Thailand 2017

  • Alibaba, again, marks its move with two sites Lazada (1) and AliExpress (3)
  • Three car listing sites in top list as Thailand is the largest car market and producer in Southeast Asia
  • Tarad used to be the ecommerce pioneer, then aqquired by Rakuten. Now Rakuten exited Tarad to another Thai company
  • Central Group, the largest retailer in Thailand, bought Zalora Thailand and Vietnam for a rumor small price
  • WeloveShopping & iTrueMart both belong to True Corp, the second largest telco in Thailand
  • Central Group just got $500 million from JD for a joint venture CentralOnline. Let’s see what could Central do with JD expertise and money.

Top 12 online shopping ecommerce sites in Thailand 2015

Different from eCommerce in Indonesia and Vietnam, where there are many local eCommerce sites in Thailand Top 100 Alexa, Top 100 Alexa Thailand are full of global ecommerce players and lots of entertainment and news websites. Let’s have a check on the most trafficked ecommerce sites to know what Thai people are interested in and what is the Thai eCommerce startups landscape now.

Shopping-related searches on smartphone in Thailand

Shopping-related searches on smartphone in Thailand. Click to enlarge!

    1., Alexa 13, B2C.

    2., Alexa 23,

      • international person to person auction site.
    3., 31, B2C

      • According to many Lazada and ex-Lazada executives I’ve met in Thailand and Southeast Asia, Lazada Thailand is always one of the top three performers in Lazada Southeast Asia group.
    4., 37, B2C

      • online hotel booking site.
    5., 40, C2C

      • Their tagline: “We’re the No.1 online shopping mall in Thailand”, Weloveshopping operated for more than 8 years. Now it has more than 320.000 stores attracted more than 300.000 visitors each day.
    6., 51, a C2C and classified website

      • and also an ecommerce arm of, the largest online community in Thailand. Thai people discuss and review anything on Pantip.
  1., 53

    1. 2/3 of the C2C website is now owned by Rakuten. The founders of Tarad are also founders of
  2., 54

    • Launched in April 2010, AliExpress is a global retail marketplace targeted at consumers worldwide. The platform enables consumers from around the world to buy directly from wholesalers and manufacturers in China and have access to a wide variety of products at wholesale prices.
  3., 55, B2B

    • connecting buyers and suppliers around the world.
  4., 76, B2C

    • online hotel booking site. Need to check No.6 Agoda
  5., 77, B2C

    • online travel review and hotel booking site
  6., 94, B2C

    • low cost airlines. Need to check No.6 Agoda

Note about No. 4,10,11, 12: A high ranking of Agoda, Booking, TripAdvisor, AirAsia is probably because Thailand has millions of foreign tourists traveling to Thailand each year (24M+ in 2013) and a big expat community in Thailand with 4M+ foreigners.

Note: For more information about eCommerce sites in Thailand, you can also check my slides: Thailand Online & eCommerce Market

Payment-related websites

  •, 33. This position might give you something in mind about the popularity of Paypal here. But you should check the above note about No. 4,10,11,12 too.
  •, 42, one of the largest banks in Thailand. Bank Transfer is one of the top three popular payment method in Thailand. Bangkok Bank also provides an online payment solution for merchants.
  •, 45, K-Payment is a good online payment gateway in Thailand which is used by many well-established merchant companies due to it’s high requirements.
  •, 61, SCBEasy is a dedicated website for online transaction of Siam Commercial Bank, one of the largest banks in Thailand. SCB probably have the largest ATM chain covering many cities in Thailand.

You might want to check more information here about online payment gateway in Thailand

Other top ecommerce sites in Thailand 2015

  •, 5. Pantip is a general online forum, but if any product, hotel, restaurant is reviewed on Pantip then it will receive a big impact in branding and sales, positively or negatively.
  •, Alexa 24, forwarded from, a group of classified websites in Southeast Asia
  •, 111, online real estate site, you can find condo, houses, land… here
  •, 134, a cosmetic group-buying s site
  •, 149, Launched in May 2003, Taobao Marketplace ( is the online shopping destination ofchoice for Chinese consumers.
  •, 183, the top price comparison site or leading product search engine as Priceza stated itself.
  •, 199, you can find phone specification and compare features and prices here.
  •, 207, group buying site, founded by founders of ArdentCap/aCommerce
  •, 212, you can find car for sales by prices, features in this website.
  •, 232, a Thai eBay website
  •, 249,
  •, 294, founded by founders of
  • Taradplaza 300, also belongs to Rakuten, a B2C version of the market place Maybe Rakuten is learning something from Taobao and Tmall in China.
  •, 302, the top online restaurant review site, recently Wongnai is entering beauty review and booking field.
  •, 323, the flight & hotel meta search site is getting more attention in Thailand.
  •, 324, you can find car, aparments and finance package here.
  •, 326, the world most popular classified site
  •, 327, the eCommerce version of Big C superstore from France, started around 6 months ago. Expanding strongly to emerging countries the world, in Southeast Asia cDiscount is operating in only two countries: Thailand and Vietnam.

Many hot eCommerce startups are not in the top 300 Alexa Thailand: WearYouwant, PomeloFashion, 500Trends, …

In a nutshell, there are not so many vertical eCommerce websites in the top 300 Alexa Thailand. And actually Thai startup scene was just getting hot one or two year ago. So lots of space for entrepreneurs to come and fulfill the need. And you, what else can you see from the list?

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