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Top 10 Vietnam online shopping sites

 10 most popular Vietnam ecommerce sites & apps

It’s a list of top 10 Vietnam online shopping sites in Vietnam ecommerce market combined from some statistic tools with my experience in Vietnam ecommerce startup  & online shopping market. I used to setup & manage online eCommerce channel for the largest retail chain in VN, also worked in travel, online women community, deal aggregator site so know one or two things about Vietnam ecommerce startup market. Let’s check what are the top 10 online shopping sites in Vietnam?

Shopee is dominating the hot list, and Tiktokshop quickly becomes the dark-horse to threat Lazada, Tiki the other top ecommerce sites in Vietnam.

Thegioididong group with,,, the e-commerce websites run by retail giant Mobile World, counted for more than 100 million visits, nearly the total visits of the No.1 Shoppe Vietnam.

  1. No.1 Vietnam online shopping sites 115.9M monthly

    • Online shopping millions of men’s and women’s fashion products, electronics, home appliances…good prices & many offers. Buy and sell online in 30 seconds. shopee guarantees receipt or refund. shopee guarantee | Free Shipping | Today’s Suggestions
    • ShopeePay the payment arm of Shopee also is in the Top 20 finance apps in Vietnam
  2. 58.7M up from 39.9M last year

    • The largest Vietnam electronic retail chain
    • Latest mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, tablets, laptops, accessories, smartwatches, genuine watches, best prices, best customer service in Vietnam
  3. 37.7M up from 25M last year

    • leisurely shop online at lazada with thousands of products from electronics, fashion, home appliances to food… with preferential prices, many promotions.
  4. – 31.9M up from last year

    • | Phones, Laptops, Tablets, Main Accessories…
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      100% genuine products are distributed by FPTShop digital retail system with many attractive promotions, genuine warranty. Buy cheap online…
  5. 24.6M down from 26M

    • The largest home appliances retail chai (also the same group with
    • buys refrigeration electronics, household appliances, and technology products. Buy online at good price, dedicated professional service.
  6. 18M up from 5.99M

    • The largest grocery retail chain in Vietnam ( also the same group with the above two Thegioididong and Dienmayxanh)
    • Green department store retails fresh food, confectionery, canned goods, cheap household appliances, fresh products, guaranteed origin, attentive service.
  7. 15.33M down from 18M last year

    • convenient shopping for millions of items and services. countless freeship offers, discount codes. 15% cashback upto 600k/month with tikicard credit card.
  8. 9.3M down from 12.3M last year

    • The most visited classified ads/marketplace in Vietnam
    • “Good Market” – Vietnamese classifieds buying and selling website with thousands of bargains being sold every day. Post reputable, fast and safe buying and selling news.
  9. Nguyen Kim – 7.5M visits

    • Similar with, NguyenKim also sells mobile/laptop, home appliances and electronics products.
  10. – 4.8M visits

    • The largest real estate portal in Vietnam, aqquired by Property Guru
  11. 3.4M, up from 3.3M

    • ✓ shop online ✓ shop online at for home appliances, sporting goods, medical & healthcare equipment, tools & tools, electronics, office equipment, cosmetics & beauty . Genuine products, nationwide delivery, very good prices
  12. – 3M down from 7.6M
    • “sendo – Vietnamese market, very affordable price” ❤️ online shopping with competitive price ✨ shopee, lazada, tiki buying and selling men’s and women’s fashion, mobile world – laptop ✨ attractive promotion ✨✨ free shipping ✨ FPT Corporation’s e-commerce floor ✅ buy and sell online, buy quality products ✅ cheap prices from reputable shops

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